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Divine experiences

Intensive Darkness Retreat in Arcobaque, Columbia

Finding the light of the soul as well as answers from within. Time of spiritual experience.

The second day in the darkness with collective spiritual meditation, energetic exercises and conversations.

Confrontation with your own being / self.


Maha Kumbh day #2: Bathing, sunset walking and satsang

Today, February 10th, was one of the main bathing days. So we also took a ritual bath ourselves. It was a great experience to stand there in the middle of everything and enjoy the Ganges.

Later we took a walk to sector 4 to visit Vidya Das, a Sadhu from Hampi. He invited us to the guru camp. What happend there could not be captured in photographs and cannot be well described in words, but let’s call it “miracle” for now.

Here are some pictures of the day to give you a feeling of what it’s like to bath with millions of people.