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What you always wanted to know about orgonites and the danger of EMF and 5G



We have addressed important questions regarding orgonite and have given some information.

If you still have questions about orgonite because you are not sure about its effects, be sure to check out the recording of our live stream!

There are many devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies that can affect your bio-energy, also called orgone, chi or prana. It is important to protect your prana because it affects your overall well-being – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. An orgonite is an incredible power object made of resin, high-grade metals and precious gems that shields the EMF from microwaves, power lines, Wi-Fi devices and cell phone towers. It also improves sleep, balances moods, strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels.

In the Spiritbalances Online Shop you can find orgonite and other wonderful power objects and much more!

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Keep your energy up with the OM box


During this time of panic and hype due to the coronavirus, it’s important to raise your vibration and protect your energy. By activating your crown chakras and your third eye, using the sacred sound of Om, you can save yourself with this high vibration. Om is a monosyllabic chant and is the sound for the transcendent primal sound in which the entire universe originated. For thousands of years it has been used to bring body, mind and soul into harmony. A soothing way to listen to this repetitious mantra is with the Om-Box.  It continuously reproduces the mesmerizing syllable of Om and can be used in temples or at home to improve your energetic vibration and preserve your sacred energy.

Important to know:
The Spiritbalance Onlineshop is still there for you, you can order from us around the clock! Since the postal service now has a high volume of deliveries, there may be some small delays in deliveries. Thanks for your understanding!

>>> Buy the Om-Box here

What you will experience witht the Om-Box:

  • The wonderful sacred repetition of the divine mantra, Om
  • Relaxation, slower breathing, and a calming of the nervous system
  • Concentration and meditation for expanding physical and emotional awareness
  • Experience the vibrations of the self-healing universal hymn
  • Improve strength of the spine, vocal cords and eyesight by chanting the auspicious syllable

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