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Hanuman Chalisa x 108


A new opportunity opens up to connect with the purpose that the universe has planned for you.

This July, we will share a meditative trance as we invoke the energy of Hanuman. The ancient Indian scripts say that Hanuman himself appears and listens when someone recites his mantra at least seven times. During this event, we will recite a total of 108 Hanuman Chalisa, call in his full presence and blessings.

We are going to create a magical and unrepeatable atmosphere

It is not simply reciting, but a very deep meditation that allows the divine energy to penetrate into the depths of our soul.  In addition as an accompaniment, we will have the unfathomable support of the musicians who will attend the event.

The music will sustain the recitation, allowing an enchanted echo of divinity to envelop all the attendees. We will count with the exceptional figure of Johannes Vogt, who will accompany Chalisa with his profound and mystical presence.

If you feel like participating with your instrument, you are especially welcome.

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Hanuman 4 (1)

Hanuman Chalisa Event in July 2018

Hello and Namasté!


We have great News!

WinAuraStar 7 – The innovative Upgrade with video function is here

This Aura camera Upgrade is for those who are already using a WinAuraStar version or who wish to purchase this innovative system. WinAuraStar 7 now has a video feature that displays the client’s Aura in real time directly from the laptop. Any color changes of the Aura will also be shown in real time.

See more about it in these videos:

>>> Video 1 (german) 

>>> Video 2 (german)

Do you want to know more about the auraphotography?

Here you find all informations


Hanuman Chalisa

July 27th – 28th, 2018

Singing and listening to the Hanuman Chalisa charges our souls with tremendous spiritual energy, so much that our inner light begins radiating more and more. During this powerful energetic process, we activate courage, strength and devotion within us and highly spiritual and soul healing experiences become possible. Also within the silence that follows the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman appears to some of the participants in visions and dreams.

>>> Yes, I want to be part of this powerful event

In our Event Brochure and at our website you can find a complete overview of all our events in 2018.

See you soon and warmest regards,
Yours Bharati

Hanuman Chalisa Livestream on Sunday 31.12.



Are you coming spontaneously to the Hanuman Chalisa? Tomorrow evening (30.12) at 7 pm we start with the introductory seminar about Hanuman. And on Sunday the 31.12. from 10 o’clock in the morning we recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in Sasbachwalden Germany.

Just call us if you want to be there spontaneously: +49 7841-8392411

Everything worth knowing about Hanuman Chalisa and the text can be found here (german, you can translate with google translator)

There will also be a full-day livestream on facebook and youtube from 10am on the 31st. So if you can not be there, you can still be there live. Either via my profile or live here via our Youtube channel
It is best to subscribe to us, so you will receive a notification as soon as we go live.

We are glad, if you leave us a small donation for the livestream, more information here too.

Anyone who wants an energy transfer, has until tomorrow the opportunity to send us a photo. Again, we ask for a small donation. We like to put your picture on our Hanuman altar during the Chalisa. So you get healing and strong transformation energy! Info here
(We can not display photos that arrive on December 31st.)

We wish you a wonderful Hanuman Chalisa!

Jay Hanuman!

Best regards

Bharati & Martin
with the Spiritbalance-Team


Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa this weekend – watch it live or come to Sasbachwalden



We are delighted to invite you to a very special event at Source of Power – Spirit Balance Sadhana Ashram. On Saturday, July 8th, we will use our amazing group energy and all together, recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times.

We joyfully invite you to this extraordinary powerful recitation! Through singing and making music together, we’ll connect with these high vibrational energies that create a space to make deep and unique experiences possible. Additionally, on the night before (July 7th starting at 7 pm), we will hold an introductory seminar where I will share my extensive knowledge and experience with you, and for us to begin attuning and aligning ourselves with the special Hanuman energy.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes in melody and sometimes a simple tempo, we will continuously recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. The entire recitation will take up to 10 hours. Wow!

For the Hanuman alter, those of you who would like to bring flowers are most welcome. 🙂


You can find the full text of the Hanuman Chalisa here:
http: //
and as the Chalisa is most often recited in melody, you can listen and watch several videos on our Youtube channel:

For those who are unable to join us onsite in Sasbachwalden, we invite you to attend via Livestream, it’s very easy. On July 8th at approximately 10 am, click on this link and you will arrive!

There is so much power building up and with just as much high energy happening, if you join and experience it through live streaming you will be feeling it very quickly while reciting.
The next day, Sunday July 9th, will be the most powerful full moon of the year – known and traditionally celebrated in India as Guru Purnima. You are also invited to this beautiful event:

If you prefer to be right here with us for this very special celebration, that’s great!! Right up until the day before, we will be accepting registration. Follow this link to the best and most practical way to register: or write us an email:

Quelle der Kraft – Spirit Balance Sadhana Ashram
Schönbüchstr. 24
77887 Sasbachwalden

We have plenty of space in our ashram – even to accommodate 108 participants – the sacred number that brings a lot of Shakti! So please join us and invite your friends too. We look forward to welcoming you!

And please share the LIVESTREAM link with friends or watch together – this is a real celebration on every level!

See you soon and sending you sunny summer greetings,

Bharati & Martin
with the Spirit Balance Team


108 x Hanuman Chalisa in a few weeks

Hello and Namasté,

Warm regards from Sasbachwalden. For us, this is really a special summer so far. Shaken by energy of transformation, new and positive things evolve. Do you feel the same?

Hanuman’s energy is in favor of such evolving feelings and supports them vigorously and bracingly. Hanuman is known to be the son of the wind and is a forthright incarnation of Shiva. Shiva destroys illusions and old boundaries and strengthen mental powers so that only the truthful remains and real enlightenment attains. In Hanuman, Shiva’s cosmic energy unites with an enormous affection and love which we feel, as soon as we unite ourselves with Hanuman’s energy.

By reciting Hanuman Chalisa we are able to unite with his high and strong vibration and thus boosting our own energy. Our mental power increases in order to transform our plans into manifestations. While uniting with Hanuman’s power, all negativity will be destroyed and something new will be created.

Video of the Chalisa in the summer of 2015

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Hanuman Chalisa

108 x Hanuman Chalisa in Summer

Hello and Namasté,

To truly feel energy within oneself is something wonderful, because this experience revives our spirits and strengthens the soul enormously. Especially powerful is the energy of Hanuman, for he is an incarnation of Shiva. Shiva destroys the old, the illusion and the spurious. In Hanuman the Shiva energy is combined with an enormous devotion and love that we sense within us when we really connect with the Hanuman energy.

Hanuman is one of the best known energies of India, depicted in the shape of a hybrid of man and ape. He is thought to be the son of the wind element, the most powerful incarnation of Shiva, who is the cosmic energy, and is connected to mental powers.

Connecting with his high, powerful vibrations boosts our own energies enormously and helps us reinforce our mental power and transform it into the manifestation. Hanuman’s power, that you tap into during the Hanuman Chalisa, destroys negativity and brings forth the new.

Video of the Chalisa in the summer of 2015

We are very much looking forward to the Hanuman Chalisa that will take part at the end of July at our Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram in Sasbachwalden (Germany).

You are cordially invited to take part!

Hanuman Chalisa
29.7. – 30.7.2016

Here you can find all informations

What is the meaning of the Hanuman Chalisa?

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Hanuman Chalisa

108 x Hanuman Chalisa with livestream


Energetical greetings from Bad Dürrheim!

Wednesday, December 30th the Hanuman Chalisa will already kick off!

Seminar on Hanuman on the preceding day

On the evening of 30.12. there will be an introductory seminar on Hanuman, where we will begin to build up energies to connect with Hanuman, and I will pass on lots of interesting facts on Hanuman’s energy and history. You can attend this powerful evening live. In preparation for the 108 recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa I will give a lot of in-depth information on Hanuman and spiritual forces. Continue reading


New Year’s Eve Hanuman Chalisa in Bad Durrheim


a few more weeks and it will be the turning of the year, something to celebrate together with a wonderfully powerful Hanuman Chalisa. Will you be there?

The invigorating and vividly celebrated Hanuman Chalisa takes place on New Year’s Eve and you are cordially invited to participate! Actually we had planned for the Chalisa to take place in Yoga Center Rottweil.

But since we have a lot of nocturnal yoga retreat guests among us, and we can’t very well cut ourselves in two, we have decided spontaneously that the Hanuman Chalisa is to take place once more here in Bad Durrheim. Which means that it will be wonderful to be able to experience the energy along with the retreat guests, but regrettably this also means that the number of places is limited.

Since we already have had registrations, and once at 15 participants, we cannot invite more guests, it is important that you register now to secure your place at the Hanuman Chalisa. Continue reading


New Year’s Eve Hanuman Chalisa

Namaste from Tiruvannamalai,

we greet you wholeheartedly from India.

Raguvendra Das is also here with us and offers his power and energy to the intense energetic process happening here. Raguvendra Das is a pure Hanuman Bhakta and one of the rare authentic and pure yogis.
He would like to pass on his energy and wisdom in Germany as well. There is a change that I will be inviting him next year to visit us – preferably to one of our Hanuman Chalisas.


The next powerful Hanuman Chalisa will be held exactly on New Year’s Eve and you are wholeheartedly invited to be part of it. The Chalisa will take place again in the YOGA Center in Rottweil and we wish that many people will come to raise positive energy together, make spiritual experiences and receive soul healing and especially to transform negativity. The world needs that especially now.

New Year’s Eve Hanuman Chalisa

from December 30-31, 2015

and New Year’s Brunch on January 1, 2016 at the YOGA Center Rottweil Continue reading