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Chakras and Sounds


We send you powerful greetings from Sasbachwalden.
Chakras are a very special mystery. The Vedas give us very deep knowledge about it.
There are seven main chakras, all of which are connected to one another and many other secondary chakras.
Chakras are subtle energy centers that run along your spine. Chakras work on several levels of our existence.

On the one hand, they provide the material level of the body functions and organs, they also act on the spiritual sphere and, of course, the chakras energize us with spiritual energy.
You can imagine chakras as a subtle machine or strong force center, because they have the ability to pull cosmic energy into your body.
The chakras forward the energy into the material body and provide it with sufficient energy for life.
If a chakra is blocked, it can no longer perform this task adequately. The first signs are, once you are emotionally or mentally out of balance, your health subsides or the life stagnates in different places.

If the root chakra is blocked, we feel we do not have enough support in life. We feel unstable and not grounded. You can also recognize a stagnant root chakra when you feel no desire and no drive to progress in life.

If the sacral chakra is blocked, we generally have too little energy and we torment ourselves with doubts. We can not implement ideas and do not make a difference in the world. A stagnant sacral chakra can also be detected when jealousy rises or you feel emotionally stressed.
If the umbilical chakra is blocked, we have no joy in life and too little financial support. There may also be disturbances on a mental level.

If the heart chakra is blocked, we lack compassion for others. Our heart is closed and the development is not progressing. A stagnant heart chakra also does not let love flow freely.

If the throat chakra is blocked, we can not communicate so well. We feel a frog is sitting in our throat or we do not feel understood by others. You can also notice a stagnant throat chakra when you get nervous and get inhibitions as soon as you speak to a group.

When the frontal chakra is blocked, we no longer feel inspiration. If problems arise, then we can not identify any solutions, since we do not have a larger overview.
If the crown chakra is blocked, we do not feel any energy when meditating and we have big problems to trust deeply.

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But don’t worry, all of these symptoms of blocked chakras can be improved if you are willing to work on them consciously.
The energy centers are easy to cleanse and open when you observe certain things in life. A conscious and healthy lifestyle is indispensable.
Nutrition plays a very important role here. To the greatest possible extent you should forego meat. If it is difficult for you, just make yourself conscious of the fact that while you’re eating meat, you’re eating the vibrations of the slaughterhouse and also the fears and sorrows of the slaughtered animals. This can help you rethink your eating habits and make new decisions.
Consuming meat definitely weighs us down energetically. Consuming meat negatively affects the emotional world, the body and the consciousness. You are what you eat.

Therefore, pay attention to a non-toxic diet, a vegetarian, vegan or if you feel internally that it should also be a delicious raw diet.
The highest possible ideal is to fast every now and then to cleanse the chakras and thus prepare the energy body for high spiritual experience. More Informations about raw-food-diet here:

You can also cleanse your chakras by working actively on your own blockages and topics. Negativity transforms quite quickly when we bring awareness and clarity into our lives.
There are also many different types of objects, such as self-signed yantras or energy objects such as Rudrakshas, which actively support your inner processes.

Here you will find Rudrakshas in my german Onlineshop

They cleanse and activate your energy centers on a very high level. In the last 10 years, I have dealt intensively with the way Rudrakshas works and researched a lot in this area. Meanwhile, I have collected a very precious assortment of these great power objects.

As a powerful support for chakra cleansing, you can also use sacred ash. I have taken a very powerful one from India, from the fire of our holy Dhuni. It originated in Navaratri, the feast of the divine mother, and has the power to destroy negativity directly. You can also find them in my shop.

In general, I recommend you exercise as much spiritual practice as you can. Because that draws tremendously high-vibrating energies into your chakras.
Also, all types of yoga cleanse your energy centers and increase your sensitivity and receptiveness to high spiritual energies.

Article Update:

As you probably already know, chakras look from the inside to the outside and from outside to inside. Our way of life and what we bring to our bodies is affecting our energy centers. In the same way, our chakras revert to our thinking, feeling and action.
All chakras have their own sounds. These can be heard in deep meditation.
A primary sound is assigned to each energy center. When you chant this mantra, you activate and open the respective chakra.


  • Chakra: Mantra:
  • Root chakra LAM
  • Sacral chakra VAM
  • Navel chakra RAM
  • Heart chakra YAM
  • Throat chakra HAM
  • Forehead chakra OM
  • Crown chakra OM

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In deep meditations it is also possible to see Continue reading

Celebrate with us Shivaratri – the night of Shiva – by Livestream


… celebrate with us Shivaratri – the night of Shiva – by Livestream!

The night of Shivaratri is the most powerful new moon night in the year! We have often spent this particular time on the sacred mountain Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai, one of the most important power stations in India.

This year we will spend this special night in our wonderful Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram and you have the opportunity to connect you directly and live with us via Livestream, no matter where you are!


In Shiva’s night, Shiva’s wedding ceremony took place with Parvati. In this particularly energetic night Shakti is busy with Shiva and so the Maya/Illusion stops for some time.
Shiva is the destroyer of negative energies and he also makes the energy completly new. Whoever builds shiva energies directly on Shivaratri, his past and present karma is strongly transformed. High levels of consciousness and strong elevation of the soul power are the result of awakening and celebration in this particular night.

On the night of Shiva, desires will be fulfilled, the mind will be brought to rest and many rituals will be held. In addition to the Shivaratri energy, it is also necessary to spend the night awake, to fast, and to recite mantras.
In this very special new moon night spiritually everything can be happen.

Here in our Ashram we will do Pujas, Abishek (ritual washing of a special power object), positive energy processes, sing Bhajans, and we will recite powerful mantras. We will be together and celebrate from 7:30 pm until about 1:00 am.

This link will you take directly to Livestream on Saturday, February 25th from 7:30 pm:


If you want, you can also come directly to us spontaneously, here in our calender you will find the Shivaratri date with all informations.

Quelle der Kraft – Spiritbalance Sahana Ashram
Schönbüchstraße 24
77887 Sasbachwalden

We look forward to you!

Healing for the new age


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Bharati at the holy Ganges (Kumbh Mela 2013)

In recent weeks, we have felt very blessed in Sasbachwalden. Here in the Source of the Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram, the time seems to be somewhat different than in the world outside. Slower. Calmer. Smoother.

  • It is the wonderful energy of this place, which is like pollen dust lies on everything that happens here. And in the last few weeks, five Darkness Retreat mentors have completed phase #1 of training. Congratulations to Nam Hari, Stefan, Sabine, Premajyothi and Adishakti. Welcome to the team!
  • In the detox group many old things were released. On all levels.
  • In addition, there were a lot of packages with new products for the Spiritbalanceshop, among other things like great bottles for the water energization and the FeetUp yoga chair.

We are extremely happy that we can bring healing to the lives of so many people. Raw food, Darkness Retreats and local events have been combined to form a wonderful combination that captures and transforms body, mind and soul alike.
I am looking forward to your visit!

Best wishes – Bharati Glanert
The new Darkness Retreat mentors with Bharati & Balakrishna.

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Our events in February


>Event calender download (new)<


Wonderful winter world in Sasbachwalden

freundinnen neben meiner dhuni

The blessings of an activated Murti


I always get remarks and interesting questions from you about Murtis and Pujas, so I am glad to take the time to take a closer look at this mysterious topic.
A Murti is a spiritual statue, such as Shiva, Durga, or Hanuman, which you can worship on your altar. And the puja is the process of worship itself, in which the various spiritual energies and transcendental personalities offer various fragrant things. It is a spiritual ritual, which is widespread in India and is carried out daily.
Do you think a Murti is just a simple statue or is there more hiding behind it? If you buy a Murti somewhere, it is most likely not activated and just a shape made of wood, marble or various metal alloys. A beautiful spiritual form or statue of a great saint, but not yet much more. With certain mantras, energies and rituals, you can draw life into the Murti and Continue reading


Have you ever heard of the aura that surrounds you?

Hello and Namasté,

Have you ever heard of the aura that surrounds you?
As a soul, you are not just surrounded by the visible physical body.
Just like everyone else, you still have 4 more ethereal shells. All human beings consist of 5 bodies. In the ancient Vedic tradition these are called Pancha Koshas. The second ethereal layer, which directly encloses the physical body and penetrates it, is called Pranamaya Kosha. This shell forms our aura, our energy body.

Energiebild Aura Körper ChakraJust as individual as we are, the color of each aura is just as different. It provides information about our predispositions, character qualities and the spiritual development of a person. In the aura you can see how much you use your abilities and live to your potential.
Surprisingly, even clear conclusions can be drawn about someone’s state of health.
For example, a red aura stands for Continue reading


Are you ready to give your best?

Welcome to 2017!


We wish that this year is the best year of your life! And that is why we are making a lot of effort: there will be a series of very interesting seminars in the Source of Power and also new online training.
We would like to assist you to dive into the depths of your being this year and to revive the divine power that is dormant within you. Are you ready to do your best and change this world positively? Then let’s get started!

Bharati, Balakrishna and the Spiritbalance team


The Event Calender 2017


The Source of Power is evolving into a living spiritual center with many spiritual and health services. We regularly offer yoga, meditation and other events for the body, mind and soul.

> Event calender download (new) <

Among other things, these events await you:

12.01. > Full Moon Meditation
14.01. > Gong meditation with Nam Hari Singh
16 – 21.01. > Akasha Reading & Healing Sessions
21 & 22.01. > Universal Wisdom: Reading Seminar (Part 1)
23 & 24.01. > Universal Wisdom: Healing Seminar (Part 2)
24.01. > Introduction to Meditation (5 dates)
11 & 12.02. > Straightening of the spine through spiritual healing
25.02. > Shivaratri – The Night of Shiva
27.02. – 08.03. > Darkness Retreat healing group

Note: In January and February, we still have some free places in the Darkness Retreat. We would be happy to arrange a free orientation talk with you via Skype or by telephone.


Hanuman Chalisa

108 x Hanuman Chalisa with livestream on 31th december


Energetical greetings from Sasbachwalden!

On Saturday things will start to happen! Starting from ca. 11 a.m. you can take part in the Hanuman Chalisa by live stream!
We will chant the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. The Chalisa will end at about 11 p.m.
This link will take you to registration for the live stream. (Just german, please use google translator f.e.)

If you want to take part by live stream we would ask you to kindly donate 19,- €, because setting the live stream is rather complex. You can donate on the same link used for registration. After your registration you will receive further information and the livestream link. Continue reading


Our Spiritual Events in Germany – Sasbachwalden in our first brochure


Very recently we have put together a wonderful brochure for you, where you can find all our events, which take place in the Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram in Sasbachwalden.

Be it different yoga courses, seminars on different spiritual themes, meditation, etc,etc,etc…. Here you have everything at a glance (click on the photo)


If you would like a printed copy or you would like to share our new brochure in your area, please contact my team:
Telephone: (+49) 07841-8392410

Have fun while browsing

and kind regards

Bharati, Balakrishna and the Spiritbalance team

Today starts our group tour to Navaratri


Today starts our group tour to Navaratri and we are already full of anticipating.

Gonga is a friend of mine and when we are in India, we often travel to Maya Ma’s Jeevan Samadhi together. Maya ma is one of the greatest saints and lived more than 200 years. Some people even say she lived much longer.

We are very excited and looking forward to exciting and inspiring experience, especially when we go to Maya Ma.

Our website with infos:

Best regards,

Bharati & Balakrishna