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Livestream with Nagaraj on 2nd April. 12 Years Swami from India



Do not miss the livestream on YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Thursday, 2nd April 2020 we will go LIVE at 5 PM (CEST)!!

This time with Nagaraj Swami from India, don’t miss the date!

photo_2020-04-01_14-44-28Nagaraj have been a Swami from the Ramalinga Swami Order for more than 12 years now. He often shares his knowledge with our tour participants on our trips to India.

Who was Ramalinga Swami?
Ramalinga Swami (October 5, 1823 – January 30, 1874) was one of the highest spiritual yogis in South India. There and around the world Ramalingam is also known as Vallalār and is one of the few Tamil saints known as “gnana siddhars”. Gnana means highest wisdom.
In the temple of Ramalinga Swami in Tamil Nadu, there is no statue, as in all other temples in India, but a light – as a reminder of the source of all energy in the universe. He lit this flame, which symbolizes the origin of all energy, with his own hands, and to this day the flame burns without interruption.

You will benefit from this talk, Nagaraj carries a lot of light in him. Let this light carry you and use the live chat during the stream to ask him your questions.

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Recording of the LIVE stream with Stefan Berns about how you can deal with your fears and worries about the future


Check out the recording of the LIVE stream where Stefan Berns talked about his life. It was a wonderful interview with him, together with Danilo.

You will learn why Stefan stood on the bridge before and then didn’t jump and how you can deal with your fears and worries about the future. Continue reading

Don’t miss the livestream on YouTube MONDAY 30th march: Interview with Stefan Berns


Do not miss the livestream on YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Today, Monday 30th march 2020 we will go LIVE at 4 PM (CEST)!!

This time with Stefan Berns, don’t miss the date!

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Stefan Quelle der Kraft 16.01.2017 (1)Stefan Berns has been dealing with the topics consciousness and spirituality since his life. For over 25 years he has been exploring these elementary questions of being, in different directions and on the basis of his own life and existence. Continue reading

Don’t miss the livestream on YouTube this Saturday: Interview with Akshay Nanavati



Do not miss the livestream on YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Saturday, 28.03. at 6 PM (CEST) we will be live on YouTube and are very happy to have an interview with Akshay Nanavati, who was with us in 2019 at the Darkness Retreat!

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Watch the first video with Akshay from 2019 on my other English Spiritbalance YouTube Channel: Video with Akshay 

Find Akshays Book FEARVANA: The Revolutionary Science of How to Turn Fear into Health, Wealth and Happiness here  

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Hanuman Chalisa Chanting for Positivity a Talk with Bharati and Danilo

Hello Beautiful Souls, as we talked about in our last video, we will be going live during and for a meditation/Hanuman Chalisa Chanting Session. Mantra is a very powerful way to Connect with Higher Energy and Hanuman Chalisa is a very powerful one to Release Negativity and Blockages!

Hope You this can be of help!

With Light and Love,

Bharati & Danilo

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Save Spiritbalance! Save our team!

Dear Friends,

we, the Spiritbalance team in Sasbachwalden, need help!

Unfortunately, the economic consequences of the corona virus hit us very hard.

Long weeks before the forced closure, we experienced a sharp drop in all bookings due to the uncertainty surrounding the corona virus. As if that was not enough, we suddenly had to close from one day to the next.

Due to the new regulations, we are no longer allowed to accept guests for our popular dark retreat, hold seminars and accommodate overnight guests at the moment.

>>> Click here for the donation link
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Trance states for everyone – Due the PandoraStar light therapy

Spirituality and science merge to give birth to the most revolutionary therapy in the world:


A tool that presents a complex system of plaque-shaped light that induces the brain in certain states aligned with our needs. It uses different sets of lights in order to generate a specific frequency in our brain waves.This manipulated frequency allow us to synchronize the state of our brain with a higher divine consciousness, allowing a deep connection with the most mystical and spiritual reality that exists. That is why it is also known as “Trance Machine”

Discover here how PandoraStar works 

Who is this revolutionary therapy for?

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New revolutionary light therapy for higher consciousness – PandoraStar

The time to take control over our mind has arrived.

There is an infinite power dwelling in you, in the depths of your being, buried between years of conditioning, past stories and lack of self-love. You only know a small percentage of what you are able to achieve. Do you want to awaken the full potential of your being?

A new type of therapy has born to make you flourish, to help you take charge of your life and your mind, so that you optimize your abilities and learn how to manage your mental states at will. An exclusive opportunity opens for you to transform yourself.


the tool capable of getting where everything else could not!

👉  Blessed by Light

From concentrating more at work, sleeping better, quitting smoking, having transcendental experiences, relaxing … All this and much more is possible thanks to PandoraStar, the perfect fusion between neuroscience and alternative healing.

PandoraStar induces the brain in concrete vibrational frequencies aligned with our objectives, but adds something revolutionary and new, as it includes the visual element in its action plan, stimulating our brain to unimaginable limits thanks to its powerful game of lights.

You have to try it to feel its incredible power. The healing of blockages had never been so simple. You just have to decide which topic you want to work on and choose the program that best suits your needs, then relax, and let the device guide you into a journey of light.

Watch all PandoraStar videos here


What can you expect from PandoraStar:

  • Optimize your brain abilities, attention, emotion, memory …
  • Experience very deep transcendental states
  • Improve your sleep at night
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Open yourself to spiritual experiences
  • And much more…

This is a small outline of everything PandoraStar can do for you, because this incredible tool reaches where no other technique has been able to reach before, to the depths of your subconscious, in order to clear your path to the best version of yourself. 

If you feel like your whole being resonates with this information, do not waste your time and visit our new website, where we reveal each and every detail about this unbelievable Therapy for Evolution:

👉  Blessed by Light

Your Bharati
with the Spiritbalance Team


The new light therapy for healers and therapists

To all healers, therapists, and all who want to heal themselves and expand their consciousness!
We have the absolute novelty for you in the Spiritbalanceshop.


The Light Therapy


Sometimes we need help to open our eyes to other realities. There is an infinite potential in man, but it is hidden under layers of conformism, automatisms and lack of personal acceptance.

Imagine for a moment that today could be the last day on which your fears and barriers will accompany you. Imagine that tomorrow you will get up and be capable of everything you have always wanted.

That and much more is definitely possible with light therapy.


We are happy to present to you what is considered revolutionary therapy.

It is an incredible tool to free yourself from self-destructive behaviour, alcoholism and tobacco addiction. Go back to sleep in the evening, improve your cognitive skills, live the life you long for.

Take your spiritual life to the next level, experience extremely deep and insightful meditation states. Find your life content through light therapy!

Through the use of intensively flickering kaleidoscope-like light with different frequencies it is possible to stimulate the brain, to activate different states of consciousness and to go new ways, to process information and to react to it.

The light therapy uses a lamp, which 12 white LED lights in the form of the “flower of life” is represented. It causes a massive induction of waves in the brain leading to states of consciousness that otherwise require years of deep meditation. Psychedelic images are also possible, of course without the influence of drugs.

If you lie in front of or under the light with your eyes closed, you will be immersed in a world full of living and flowing images and movements that will free you from anything that restricts the expression of your true being.

>>Here you will find a detailed description of how light therapy can help you with the different programs.

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