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Livestream: The Power of Waking Up


This Saturday 11th July 2020 at 6:30 PM (CEST) Danilo and me will be live in a talk with
Paricia Cori on the topic:

The Power of waking up

Do not miss the livestream on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

I am really looking forward to the talk in the livestream, as the world is currently in a very intensive wake-up phase!

Be sure to be there live to ask your questions directly to Patricia live in the chat.

Patricia Cori is a world-renowned author, public speaker, and activist for the rights of human beings and animals, a warrior for Planet Earth. A proven sensitive and acute clairvoyant, she has been explored mysticism, philosophy, ancient civilizations, metaphysical healing, spirituality and unexplained mysteries and teaches on these subjects to enthralled audiences around the world. Continue reading


LIVESTREAM 18th June: Beyond the Illusions


This Thursday Danilo and me will be live in a talk with Matthew Mournian on the topic:

Beyond the Illusions

I am very much looking forward to the talk, because every day it becomes more and more important to look behind the scenes of the world situation!
Be suprised about this live chat, we will spread a lot of love and awaress with you!

Do not miss the livestream on Facebook and YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Thursday, 18th June, at 7 PM (CET) on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

Matthew Aaron Mournian is a Multidimensional Energy Healer and professional psychic reader specializing in the removal of energetic manifestations – implantation, entity attachment, parasitic infestation, and most importantly – blocked emotional energy in the human body. His mission is to assist with the activation and integration of the multidimensional intuitive healing abilities that exist within each one of us. Continue reading


LIVESTREAM 28th May about: The Law of Karma and taking action in difficult times


In this livestream Danilo and I will take a closer look at the subject of karma. Especially for the time in which we live like now and in the situation we all find ourselves in, it is very important to deal with the basic topics of spirituality. Karma is a broad term, which is often even used in an alienated way. But what does karma really mean?

Do not miss the livestream on Facebook and YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Thursday, 28th May, at 6:30 PPM (CET) on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

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Darkness retreats now possible again

Hello and Namasté!

We are happy to inform you that our darkness retreats can be visited again since May 11th, 2020 thanks to an official permission!

You can book your own darkness retreat, independent of our group offers, at any time with us.
Here you can even do this directly online. Since we are already receiving requests, especially for the summer, we recommend that you inquire about your retreat soon if you are planning to come to us.

Discover here all the experience videos of some of our darkness retreat guests.

In our online shops Spiritbalanceshop and Rawbalance you can of course order around the clock as usual!

Please don’t forget to share our GoFundMe donation appeal link, or donate something yourself.
Thank you very much!

Darkness Retreat Groups

Intensive darnessk retreat women’s group

3rd July . – 12th July 2020

Reconnect with your feminine power and use it to grow.
It is time to eliminate the differences that society has made between us and heal together on the path to the perfection of our femininity. Together in the darkness we will remove the obstacles that prevent our growth by benefiting from the power of the group. Healing on all levels may happen so that your feminine essence awakens and reaches its full potential.

>>> Read all information, prices etc. here and register directly

Astral journeys and spiritual self-experience group

14th August – 23th August 2020  Continue reading


LIVESTREAM 16th May: about the Power of Grounding , Connecting to Nature and decharging Negative Energy


The connection to nature is and remains an important aspect for us humans and all living beings on this earth. Especially in the last 100 years, or even more so in the last 50 years, humans have been losing more and more of their connection to Mother Earth. And yet it is still so important to be connected, to be connected with everything that is and to earth oneself as well. In this livestream Danilo and I will go into this topic intensively and give you also assistance how you can ground yourself best and also discharge negative energy, in connection with Mother Nature.

Do not miss the livestream on Facebook and YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Saturday, 16th May 2020 on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

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Warm regards

Bharati with Danilo and the Spiritbalance Team

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Orgonit Schungit Energy Tower 1

Danger of EMF and 5G? Do Orgonites really help?



Danilo and I are here for you in the livestream! Ask your questions directly about orgonites! And of course we go into the most important question: Do orgonites really help with EMF (electromagnetic fields) and 5G?

Do not miss the livestream on Facebook and YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Sunday, 10th May 2020, at 5 PM (CEST) on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

There are many devices that emit electromagnetic frequencies that can affect your bio-energy, also called orgone, chi or prana. It is important to protect your prana because it affects your overall well-being – physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. An orgonite is an incredible power object made of resin, high-grade metals and precious gems that shields the EMF from microwaves, power lines, Wi-Fi devices and cell phone towers. It also improves sleep, balances moods, strengthens the immune system and increases energy levels.

In the Spiritbalances Online Shop you can find orgonite and other wonderful power objects and much more! Continue reading


LIVESTREAM: Talk about the Future of the Earth ~ Friday, 1st May

Right now, we are going through a very unique time on Earth so on our next livestream, we decided to talk a little bit about what are the things that are changing right now and how we think Earth will be after all this events that we are experiencing are gone.

Do not miss the livestream on Facebook and YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Friday, 1st May 2020, at 5 PM (CEST) on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

Warm regards

Bharati with Danilo and the Spiritbalance Team


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LIVESTREAM: Helping and Riding Earth’s Energetic Shift ~ Sunday, 19th April

Right now there is a big shift going on Earth and we would like to take this time to talk a little about this Shift and also how we can grow in this process and also help the collective consciousness!

Do not miss the livestream on YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Sunday 19th April 2020, at 5 PM (CEST) on my Facebook profile and on our YouTube channel HoloVibes

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The key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation group

17th to 26th January 2020

Face the adventure of discovering the mysterious of existence. Let yourself be carried by the absence of sight and you will gain an infinite perspective and a connection with the universe. The mantra meditation group is the key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you.

What will you experience:

  • A deep energy work through mantras, yantras and other techniques from the deepest part of India to release blockages and reach spiritual fulfillment
  • The opportunity to have extrasensory and deeply mystical experiences, only attainable in states of deprivation of the senses, such as darkness
  • Very deep states of meditation caused by the energetic work done in combination with the darkness
  • A transformative experience where you will be reborn and return to life connected with the creative divine essence that surrounds us

What is included in the Retreat:

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Let yourself be healed! Finally a straight spine



Harmonize your body, your mind and your soul with this powerful technique.

It is time to dissolve all mental-spiritual conflicts that prevent us from having the health we desire. All energy tension translates into a knot in our body, which can be resolved through the erection of the spine, a spiritual alignment that allows everything that constrains us to disappear without pain.

Straightening and Alignment of the Spine through Spiritual Healing

Thanks to the incredible connection of our healer, Sigmund Frieder, with the universal spirit, you can live an exclusive sanative experience and become a being full of life. The result is immediately visible: a straight pelvis, adjusted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths and an erect, straight spine. Body, mind and soul become a harmonious unity again through the erection. If you want to feel how energy flows through your body don’t waste your time and book an appointment with us.

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Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer

19th to 20th October 2019

If you have already experienced in your own skin the healing power of the Erection of the Spine, it may be time to take another step towards your personal flowering. Become a true master in this technique and develop a new professional future. You will learn how to independently perform powerful spiritual spinal alignments in a perfect mix between Theory and Practice, you will achieve the ability to work in a way that will enable you to be the most skilled professional in this field!

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PHÖNIX: 7 days of darkness for your personal transformation

21th to 29th September 2019

This is a last call for all those who want to live a fully transformative experience in a dreamlike environment. With a team of professionals in the field of Darkness Retreats, among which my husband Martin and I are, With all the luxurious amenities of a 5-star hotel. There we will carry out a very deep program that will not leave anyone indifferent. Take the opportunity and illuminate the corners of your soul.

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Phase 1: Training as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor

29th of November to 1st of December 2019

Fulfill your dreams and enter through the big door to spirituality for professionals. In this exclusive training you will learn everything you need to become a perfectly qualified Darkness Retreat Facilitator. In this first part we will lay the foundations where all the skills that will allow you to perform this profession optimally will be established. We will also discuss all relevant issues, from administration to customer treatment. Give your life the change you need, book today.

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Shivaratri Festival

16 to 27th February 2019

Reserve these dates in your calendar and join us to put the finishing touch to what will be the most special trip that Spiritbalance has made. Tiruvannai the sacred city awaits us, with its incredible temples, its Sadhus mystics and all the Vedic wisdom at our disposal.Soak yourself in the transforming power of Shiva night in the best possible scenario: India.
Are you going to miss it?

Click here to know more about this

Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team