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Experience deep soul healing, make 2020 your year

Open up to experience the healing your soul craves

Darkness Retreat: Healing Group

17-26 April 2020

Face the adventure of healing yourself, thanks to the infinite power of darkness. Free yourself from your blockages and your deepest limitations living a transcendental experience that will mark a before and after in your life. Be part of a darkness retreat that will open the door to a new version of yourself, more aligned with the entire universe.

What will you experience:

  • A experience of pure personal transformation, accompanied by professionals and the power of the group
  • A lot of heart energy for actively work on solutions to energetic and emotional problems.
  • A space to transform deep, emotional issues such as anger, problems, depression and sadness into positive emotions.
  • Intense heart-to-heart conversations in the dark allowing our souls to speak and thus, achieving the healing of our whole being
  • Individual loving and professional accompaniment so that your own blockages dissipate and you can free your way to your new life.

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Girl in beautiful black dress jumping in the moonlight sky (serenity)

Experience a fully transformative adventure in 2020

Dare to live a completely transformative adventure:

21 Days Darkness Retreat
8th to 29th May, 2020

Feel the call of an event that will turn your existence around. Our 21-day Darkness Retreat opens its doors for those brave seekers who want to deepen the mysteries of the astral worlds.
👉 Find all the information here. 

What will you experience:

  • A completely transformative experience, where other dimensions open up to help us be reborn
  • Exclusive and powerful techniques to leave the body
  • Intensive practice of out-of-body experiences
  • Mystical knowledge about upper and lower astral worlds
  • Powerful mantras for yoga nidra and astral journeys
  • Information about how to protect yourself from negative vibrations and beings.
  • The perfect combination between exercises and theory to become a master of the astral worlds

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The key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation group

17th to 26th January 2020

Face the adventure of discovering the mysterious of existence. Let yourself be carried by the absence of sight and you will gain an infinite perspective and a connection with the universe. The mantra meditation group is the key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you.

What will you experience:

  • A deep energy work through mantras, yantras and other techniques from the deepest part of India to release blockages and reach spiritual fulfillment
  • The opportunity to have extrasensory and deeply mystical experiences, only attainable in states of deprivation of the senses, such as darkness
  • Very deep states of meditation caused by the energetic work done in combination with the darkness
  • A transformative experience where you will be reborn and return to life connected with the creative divine essence that surrounds us

What is included in the Retreat:

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Livestream directly from the Darkness Retreat Sunday, 09/01/2019

Live-Stream: September 1 at 5:55 pm – 49 days Fasting in the Dark 

(Day 21 from 49)

>>> Youtube Livestream, set reminder now: Danilos 21th day in complete Darkness – Pineal Gland Activation & Astralprojection

Would you like to know how the process of spiritual rebirthing is?

Danilo is currently experiencing a completely sublime state, where he is immersed in a halo of divine vibrational energy whose depth is inexorable.

With my presence and accompaniment guiding him in his personal process, Danilo is unlocking parts of his being that he would never have thought possible, and reaching a series of extrasensory and spiritual experiences that are unparalleled. He has been fitting the puzzle pieces of the universe for 21 days and becoming aware of the ultimate meaning of existence itself.

Join us on this journey towards the deepest part of the unconscious, where all our conditions become tangible and we can free ourselves from the blockages that do not allow the maximum expression of our being. Listen first-hand what it feels like to live an event as intense as this, and be inspired by seeing how incalculable the potential of the human being is.

What can you expect from this livestreaming session? :

• listen live online to the exiting experiences of Danilo, who is currently immersed in our darkness retreat for 49 days.
• hear about his of the pineal gland openings and what it feels like
• very Details about his special astral projection experiences

That and much more awaits you if you connect with us, write the date on your calendar and see you via Streaming, here is the link so you do not miss it:

>>> Youtube Livestream, set reminder now: Danilos 21th day in complete Darkness – Pineal Gland Activation & Astralprojection

All informations about Darkness Retreat here in Germany

Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team



cross light in the darkness in your hands

Transform your fears into positive energy


This past month we have received many requests from our dear followers asking for more information about the updates we live at Spiritbalance. As a response and as a gift for your fidelity, we have created a special Newsletter, which will contain current information as well as other important facts, so that you can stay connected to our spiritual flow.

We incorporate the Most Powerfull Tool to our Darkness Retreats

We have the honor of offering you the most revolutionary therapy that exists in the spiritual world today.

Pandorastar Light Therapy.

The perfect fusion between science and spirituality that will help you to uncover the most hidden parts of your being. Discover how it works in this article and complement your Retreat with its powerful healing sessions.


Feel how your inner voice resonates and ask us for more information.

Our next retreat is coming, and you are still in time to be part of it. If you are a woman and you want to reinvent yourself, take advantage of the opportunity that opens up before you:


5th of July to 14th of July

Find everything you need about the event here 

What you can expect:

  • To awaken the feminine essence that lives in you
  • To live a completely transformative experience
  • To unlock what prevents your total development
  • To work with your astral and energetic body
  • To take advantage of the support and sorority of the group to free yourself and grow

If you feel like a flame has burned inside you, read more about it here.

Visit our instagram account where we share information and inspiring thoughts

Remember that if you have any special requests, specific topics that you would like to know more about, questions you want to solve, please contact us. We are at your disposal, open to any suggestion you propose and open for any feedback that helps us improve and thus be able to help more people..

We wish you a week full of Light, Energy and Divine Grace

Bharati & Spiritbalance team

Yoga Lotus Position and Chakra and light-transparency blending effects and gradient mesh-EPS 10.

Do you live the full potential as a woman? Create from your womanhood! Experience yourself new in the darkness retreat

Intensive darkness retreat women’s group


It is time to awaken the feminine essence that lives in the deepest part of your soul. Feel the call of this powerful event, which combines all the necessary elements to reconnect with the goddess that dwells within you.

There have been many years of separation, trapped in the patriarchal structure that wants to keep under its yoke the infinite power of the feminine force, but the hour of the change has arrived.

While our ancestors already met in women’s circles to take advantage of its great potential, the frenetic pace of today’s society has made this powerful custom being forgotten. But in the month of July, an exclusive opportunity opens up before you.


A special Darkness Retreat for Women.

A place to cultivate with the support of our sisters a collective consciousness that embraces and values what we feel, that unites the internal transformation with social change and that remembers the sacredness of life.

During this intense retreat, all the knowledge I have gained during my years in India will be shared. You will drink from the source of Yogini wisdom, whose strength and power has been buried by the fearful men who rule the world.

Face of Color series. Backdrop design of human profile and colorful lines of moving paint for works on creativity, design, internal world, human nature and artistic soul

However, the feminine potential is such that it can not be contained.

Remember, our wombs are the doors to the incarnation of life. Existence flows through us as women. We are the first house of every being in this world. And through mutual support, we have the force to transform reality in our favour.

The power of this event makes it one of the most intense we have ever experienced in Spiritbalance. It is a unique opportunity, due to the combination between the exclusively female group, and the atmosphere that is generated because of the darkness.

Taking advantage of the incredible potential of darkness, everything invisible will become visible. Our souls will whisper its best-kept secrets, and the connection with our higher self will become so tangible that it will show us the path to transformation.

The whole process that takes place due to the absence of vision, will be enhanced by the group energy. Pure feminine connection, where the sorority of our companions will be the support and guidance we need to get the most out of the experience. Our sisters will sustain us during our metamorphosis


The time has come to heal and to open up to the abundance that belongs to us by right.

Together, opening our hearts in the dark, transforming processes are going to take place. Take advantage of the space we provide for you because the adventure begins now.

The time has come to empower and heal.


Let’s uncover the feminine potential. We will understand all the secrets that have not been counted. Women contain the creative potential of the universe, so it is necessary that we stop competing among other women.

The energy field that will be created, will free ourselves of those heavy burdens that we carry from our birth, well learned, or inherited. We will heal ourselves and our previous generations, and we will allow our children to have a fuller and freer existence since part of human evolution has already been done by us.

Once we abandon our old patterns, we will receive the principle of femininity. Thus, we will finally recognize our full spiritual potential. And in the generating context of the group, the deepest transpersonal flowering will take place.

The whole process of awakening will become tangible and achievable.

In Spiritbalance, we are completely committed to the awakening of female consciousness, and that is why we want to offer a place where each woman can find their own voice and can flourish within the strength that fosters the circle.

Participating in this Retreat will be a part key in our path of integration as a woman, a place to let go of masks, burdens and obligations and enjoy more and more of being ourselves. Do not wait any longer to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

All the information here.


And if you feel the fervour of a flame beating in your chest, take a look at our next trip to India, where we will also work energetically with feminine power.

-Navaratri Festival   > Travel date 27.09. – 09.10.2019

– Yogini Bhairavi Retreat  > Travel date 12.10. – 18.10.2019



Bharati & Spiritbalance team


Dunkelretreat Flyer

All Darkness Retreat Groups 2019

Hello and Namaste!


In Spiritbalance we feel very fortunate to accompany people in their inner growth because we want to invest our time and effort in helping the spiritual flowering of every being in this world.

That is why we want to share with you the final touch of our Sadhana Journey to South India, in which we drive along the roads of this amazing country listening to a powerful transforming mantra, allowing our travel group to integrate the experience lived during these intense days, in Shivaratri Festival.

Meanwhile, in Sasbachwalden our team has not stopped working to offer you the best service during our Darkness Retreats, which are about to begin:

These are all Darkness Retreat Group Events planned for this year, but remember that there is also the possibility of doing single darkness retreat at any time, depending on availability:


cross light in the darkness in your handsDarkness Retreat Healing group

12th to 21st April 2019

It is time to begin the process of blockage recognition and awareness.
In this intensive edition of Darkness Retreat Healing Group, participants undergo into deep spiritual energetic processes. Through intense heart-to-heart conversations in the darkness, souls will talk to each other. The result is a space in which the group heals together. You will learn methods and experience touching moments that will bring you back to yourself

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Darkness Retreat Women group

Yoga Lotus Position and Chakra and light-transparency blending effects and gradient mesh-EPS 10.

5th to 14th July 2019

Reconnect with our power as women and use it to grow. It is time to deconstruct the differences that society has made between us and begin to heal together towards the elevation of our femininity. Together in the Darkness, we will eliminate those barriers that prevent our growth by taking benefits from the group power. Powerful techniques will be shared so that your feminine essence awakens and takes full advantage of its potential.

Awaken the Shakti that you carry inside 

Darkness Retreat Group: out of body experience and spiritual self-awareness

19th to 28th August 2019

Only when we stop to listen to ourselves the answers appear in our minds. That’s why Darkness will be our best ally. In a safe context, with all the comforts you need, and above all, accompanied by our team of professionals, we have prepared a powerful group event to go into the depths of our being, and thus be reborn in a new version of ourselves. Benefit from the power of Darkness and elevate your spiritual practice to the next level thanks to the strength of the group.

I want to be part of this adventure 

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