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All Darkness Retreat Groups 2019

Hello and Namaste!


In Spiritbalance we feel very fortunate to accompany people in their inner growth because we want to invest our time and effort in helping the spiritual flowering of every being in this world.

That is why we want to share with you the final touch of our Sadhana Journey to South India, in which we drive along the roads of this amazing country listening to a powerful transforming mantra, allowing our travel group to integrate the experience lived during these intense days, in Shivaratri Festival.

Meanwhile, in Sasbachwalden our team has not stopped working to offer you the best service during our Darkness Retreats, which are about to begin:

These are all Darkness Retreat Group Events planned for this year, but remember that there is also the possibility of doing single darkness retreat at any time, depending on availability:


cross light in the darkness in your handsDarkness Retreat Healing group

12th to 21st April 2019

It is time to begin the process of blockage recognition and awareness.
In this intensive edition of Darkness Retreat Healing Group, participants undergo into deep spiritual energetic processes. Through intense heart-to-heart conversations in the darkness, souls will talk to each other. The result is a space in which the group heals together. You will learn methods and experience touching moments that will bring you back to yourself

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Darkness Retreat Women group

Yoga Lotus Position and Chakra and light-transparency blending effects and gradient mesh-EPS 10.

5th to 14th July 2019

Reconnect with our power as women and use it to grow. It is time to deconstruct the differences that society has made between us and begin to heal together towards the elevation of our femininity. Together in the Darkness, we will eliminate those barriers that prevent our growth by taking benefits from the group power. Powerful techniques will be shared so that your feminine essence awakens and takes full advantage of its potential.

Awaken the Shakti that you carry inside 

Darkness Retreat Group: out of body experience and spiritual self-awareness

19th to 28th August 2019

Only when we stop to listen to ourselves the answers appear in our minds. That’s why Darkness will be our best ally. In a safe context, with all the comforts you need, and above all, accompanied by our team of professionals, we have prepared a powerful group event to go into the depths of our being, and thus be reborn in a new version of ourselves. Benefit from the power of Darkness and elevate your spiritual practice to the next level thanks to the strength of the group.

I want to be part of this adventure 

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cross light in the darkness in your hands

Darkness retreat counselor training in November – applications welcome

Hi there,


there are some people interested in the darkness retreat counselor training.

Therefore we are still offering Phase 1 training this year! There are still free places for truly motivated participants.

The first weekend seminar is:

  • 23. – 25.11.2018

Would you like to join us to devote yourself to this wonderful task and be trained as a qualified darkness retreat counselor?

The goal of the extensive darkness retreat training is to give you all the deep knowledge and skills you need to independently perform darkness retreats to the highest quality standards. The teaching of psychological basics and spiritual knowledge is the focus of this very special training.

The complete dark retreat counselor training is divided into 3 phases.
Each of these phases includes several instructive webinars and 41 hours of intensive theory with us in the “Source of Power -Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram”.

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Discount for February Darkness Retreat

Hello und Namasté,

There are still a couple free spaces available for Darkness Retreats from February 1 – 30th with experienced supervisor, Stefan Berns.
If you would like to register on this short notice, you’ll receive “last minute” discount (valid only in February) for a 15% reduction off of the entire cost.

You can experience your Dark Retreat in silence or with daily conversation, and we are always available whenever you need assistance with the 24 hour on-call bell.
As the dates in March are already fully booked, the discount offer is valid only for February, since just a few valuable spaces remain open.

Our Dark Retreat supervisor Stefan Berns, has been researching consciousness development and spirituality for 25 years. In his role as a Dark Retreat supervisor, he helps you remember and acknowledge that you are a spiritual, divine being and provides assistance for you to experience yourself as such.
As an energetic healer, Stefan has the knowledge and the methodology to assist you, upon your request, with a regression. A regression that takes you back to your birth or even beyond this life. It can help you to understand karmic relationships and have a new view of your current situation.
Stefan has an understanding, an integration and alignment of universal laws that he uses to help you integrate new perspectives.

Information about the Dark Retreat 

Individual Sessions with Stefan Berns
From the 29th of January until the 1st of February, you can make an appointment with Stefan Berns for a very popular Reincarnation and Regression Session, as well as a Universal Wisdom Reading Session.

All informations here

PS: Last Minute!!

Experience a special “Power Journey” with us in South India – with intensive inner workings. Feel the most powerful new moon night of the year with us in a special Shiva temple – Maha Shivaratri!
It’s all waiting for you… high-energy places of power, special and rare encounters, high vibrations and intensive transformation!

You can still join us, so sign up quickly 🙂
Travel dates: February 07 – 18, 2018.

Information about the Journey to Shivaratri

See you soon!
With much light,

Bharati & Martin
and the Spiritbalance Team

An Invitation for the Dark Retreat Facilitator Training

Hello and Namaste,


having the capacity to hold space and give qualified support for people to have real spiritual experiences, deep healing processes, life changing transformations and the highest soul experience is an extremely fulfilling and enriching pursuit. And we’re here to make it possible!

Become a Dark Retreat Facilitator

Beginning with Phase 1: Basic Training

January 12th – 14th, 2018

Martin, as part of his psychology studies, focused on these exact topics and brings in-depth teaching knowledge and wisdom.  He offers a valuable and goal-oriented addition to the energetic and spiritual experience, and one that is particularly exciting to incorporate in this training.

The complete Dark Retreat Facilitator Training is divided into three intensive, successive phases.  After the successful completion of Phase 2, you will have the necessary knowledge to carry out and facilitate Dark Retreats on your own.  As a trained facilitator, you can also facilitate Dark Retreats with us in Sasbachwalden.
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Darkness Retreat Interview


We have a beautiful article which appeared in “Vision” Magazine that I am very happy to share and send out to you. In the article, I interviewed our Darkness Retreat Mentors about their own personal experiences in the dark. You can meet and get to know more about our Darkness Retreat Team here:

unnamed (1)

Please click here to read the article

More information about our Darkness Retreats in Sasbachwalden is available on our website:

Have fun reading and see you soon!

Lovingly yours,
and the Spiritbalance Team


Dark Retreat – Healing group in Germany

Hello and Namasté,

Sending you our best wishes from Sasbachwalden, in the beautiful Black Forest!

The year 2017 will bring many valuable experiences. With renewed strength and enthusiasm we´ve contrived all kinds of treasures for you.

For February and March we´re planning something very special for you. For the very first time we´re going to conduct a dark retreat – healing group in our new seminar house in Sasbachwalden.

Through our Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram we created a high swinging space, which offers you the ideal framework conditions for your inner process and the related healing. Here you´ll be shielded from the stress and strains of everyday life and you´ll   experience the appropriate atmosphere, to open your heart, to let yourself in for the group process and to start the journey into yourself.

The dark retreat paves your way to multiple true spiritual experiences in a completely natural way. If you´re willing to perceive the radiant light of your soul, to open the doors to a spiritual dimension and to free yourself from emotional baggage, then please sign up directly for our:

Dark retreat healing group

From 27th February –  8th March 2017

in Sasbachwalden

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Darkness Retreat eBook from Bharati Corinna Glanert

Hello and Namasté,

the detailed ebook about Darkness Retreats is finally finished! I am delighted to offer you this ebook, completely free of charge! Here you will learn everything about the royal path of enlightenment.

Darkness Retreats are a spiritual time-out from everyday life, you experience a complete withdrawal into the darkness and you get to know yourself completely without any external stimuli!

In order to feel comfortable in the dark and to open up your inner themes, it needs experienced mentors and loving support. In this eBook you will find comprehensive information about Darkness Retreats and many answers to the first questions that often arise with our prospective customers.

The ebook is free to download here.

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Intense Dark Retreat Group in a few weeks!

Hello And Namasté,

Warm regards from Sasbachwalden. Finally, also as a family, we have moved to our residential training centre. We are very happy to have done such a big step, though we had to overcome some considerable obstacles. Quite an intense time with many experiences!

Starting July 1, 2016, we are looking forward to offering all our products, workshops and seminars in our new Ashram – Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram!

In August, the first Dark Retreat will take place at this extraordinary and powerful venue with lots of space and high energetic vibrations. Sasbachwalden in the Black Forst is famous for its healthy climate and is the ideal place to retreat and to start anew.

If you’d like to experience your inner light in the dark. If you’d like to experience a real life transformation to the inner and outer world of bright intensity than we suggest you to register rather sooner than later. The group is limited to 12 participants and we’re usually fully booked pretty fast. Continue reading


Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group in August

Hello And Namasté,

Cordial May greetings from Bad Dürrheim and also from Sasbachwalden.
Soon, starting from 1st of July, all our offers and seminars will take place in the new seminar building Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram!

During August the first dark retreat group will take place in Sasbachwalden, at a place with a wonderfully restorative climate, marvellous facilities, panoramas and highly vibrating energies.
An ideal place for a retreat and new beginnings..
If you want to be a part of a transformational experience of darkness, for internal and external, light-filled world, feel free to register now – the places are limited to 12 persons!

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Last Call for Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group in May

Hello And Namasté,

in the merry month of May we’ll start the dark retreat group at our Ashram in Bad Dürrheim, just the time to let your inner light blossom.

To spend a long time in complete darkness – in combination with powerful spiritual exercises – is a shortcut to one’s own spiritual power and conveys highly spiritual experiences.

Intensive Dark Retreat in a Group

With a focus on self-awareness and extra-corporeal experiences

Date: 06. – 15. May, 2016 in Bad Dürrheim
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