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Experience deep soul healing, make 2020 your year

Open up to experience the healing your soul craves

Darkness Retreat: Healing Group

17-26 April 2020

Face the adventure of healing yourself, thanks to the infinite power of darkness. Free yourself from your blockages and your deepest limitations living a transcendental experience that will mark a before and after in your life. Be part of a darkness retreat that will open the door to a new version of yourself, more aligned with the entire universe.

What will you experience:

  • A experience of pure personal transformation, accompanied by professionals and the power of the group
  • A lot of heart energy for actively work on solutions to energetic and emotional problems.
  • A space to transform deep, emotional issues such as anger, problems, depression and sadness into positive emotions.
  • Intense heart-to-heart conversations in the dark allowing our souls to speak and thus, achieving the healing of our whole being
  • Individual loving and professional accompaniment so that your own blockages dissipate and you can free your way to your new life.

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Girl in beautiful black dress jumping in the moonlight sky (serenity)

Experience a fully transformative adventure in 2020

Dare to live a completely transformative adventure:

21 Days Darkness Retreat
8th to 29th May, 2020

Feel the call of an event that will turn your existence around. Our 21-day Darkness Retreat opens its doors for those brave seekers who want to deepen the mysteries of the astral worlds.
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What will you experience:

  • A completely transformative experience, where other dimensions open up to help us be reborn
  • Exclusive and powerful techniques to leave the body
  • Intensive practice of out-of-body experiences
  • Mystical knowledge about upper and lower astral worlds
  • Powerful mantras for yoga nidra and astral journeys
  • Information about how to protect yourself from negative vibrations and beings.
  • The perfect combination between exercises and theory to become a master of the astral worlds

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The key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation group

17th to 26th January 2020

Face the adventure of discovering the mysterious of existence. Let yourself be carried by the absence of sight and you will gain an infinite perspective and a connection with the universe. The mantra meditation group is the key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you.

What will you experience:

  • A deep energy work through mantras, yantras and other techniques from the deepest part of India to release blockages and reach spiritual fulfillment
  • The opportunity to have extrasensory and deeply mystical experiences, only attainable in states of deprivation of the senses, such as darkness
  • Very deep states of meditation caused by the energetic work done in combination with the darkness
  • A transformative experience where you will be reborn and return to life connected with the creative divine essence that surrounds us

What is included in the Retreat:

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New revolutionary light therapy for higher consciousness – PandoraStar

The time to take control over our mind has arrived.

There is an infinite power dwelling in you, in the depths of your being, buried between years of conditioning, past stories and lack of self-love. You only know a small percentage of what you are able to achieve. Do you want to awaken the full potential of your being?

A new type of therapy has born to make you flourish, to help you take charge of your life and your mind, so that you optimize your abilities and learn how to manage your mental states at will. An exclusive opportunity opens for you to transform yourself.


the tool capable of getting where everything else could not!

👉  Blessed by Light

From concentrating more at work, sleeping better, quitting smoking, having transcendental experiences, relaxing … All this and much more is possible thanks to PandoraStar, the perfect fusion between neuroscience and alternative healing.

PandoraStar induces the brain in concrete vibrational frequencies aligned with our objectives, but adds something revolutionary and new, as it includes the visual element in its action plan, stimulating our brain to unimaginable limits thanks to its powerful game of lights.

You have to try it to feel its incredible power. The healing of blockages had never been so simple. You just have to decide which topic you want to work on and choose the program that best suits your needs, then relax, and let the device guide you into a journey of light.

Watch all PandoraStar videos here


What can you expect from PandoraStar:

  • Optimize your brain abilities, attention, emotion, memory …
  • Experience very deep transcendental states
  • Improve your sleep at night
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Open yourself to spiritual experiences
  • And much more…

This is a small outline of everything PandoraStar can do for you, because this incredible tool reaches where no other technique has been able to reach before, to the depths of your subconscious, in order to clear your path to the best version of yourself. 

If you feel like your whole being resonates with this information, do not waste your time and visit our new website, where we reveal each and every detail about this unbelievable Therapy for Evolution:

👉  Blessed by Light

Your Bharati
with the Spiritbalance Team


Let yourself be healed! Finally a straight spine



Harmonize your body, your mind and your soul with this powerful technique.

It is time to dissolve all mental-spiritual conflicts that prevent us from having the health we desire. All energy tension translates into a knot in our body, which can be resolved through the erection of the spine, a spiritual alignment that allows everything that constrains us to disappear without pain.

Straightening and Alignment of the Spine through Spiritual Healing

Thanks to the incredible connection of our healer, Sigmund Frieder, with the universal spirit, you can live an exclusive sanative experience and become a being full of life. The result is immediately visible: a straight pelvis, adjusted shoulder blades, balanced leg lengths and an erect, straight spine. Body, mind and soul become a harmonious unity again through the erection. If you want to feel how energy flows through your body don’t waste your time and book an appointment with us.

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Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer

19th to 20th October 2019

If you have already experienced in your own skin the healing power of the Erection of the Spine, it may be time to take another step towards your personal flowering. Become a true master in this technique and develop a new professional future. You will learn how to independently perform powerful spiritual spinal alignments in a perfect mix between Theory and Practice, you will achieve the ability to work in a way that will enable you to be the most skilled professional in this field!

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PHÖNIX: 7 days of darkness for your personal transformation

21th to 29th September 2019

This is a last call for all those who want to live a fully transformative experience in a dreamlike environment. With a team of professionals in the field of Darkness Retreats, among which my husband Martin and I are, With all the luxurious amenities of a 5-star hotel. There we will carry out a very deep program that will not leave anyone indifferent. Take the opportunity and illuminate the corners of your soul.

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Phase 1: Training as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor

29th of November to 1st of December 2019

Fulfill your dreams and enter through the big door to spirituality for professionals. In this exclusive training you will learn everything you need to become a perfectly qualified Darkness Retreat Facilitator. In this first part we will lay the foundations where all the skills that will allow you to perform this profession optimally will be established. We will also discuss all relevant issues, from administration to customer treatment. Give your life the change you need, book today.

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Shivaratri Festival

16 to 27th February 2019

Reserve these dates in your calendar and join us to put the finishing touch to what will be the most special trip that Spiritbalance has made. Tiruvannai the sacred city awaits us, with its incredible temples, its Sadhus mystics and all the Vedic wisdom at our disposal.Soak yourself in the transforming power of Shiva night in the best possible scenario: India.
Are you going to miss it?

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Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team