Are psychedelic experiences only possible with drugs?

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I am currently experiencing very intense weeks here, the energies are high, and working like mad!
Many things are changing, we had problems with YouTube for example. On our YouTube channel HoloVibes we wanted to upload a great video interview with the well-known podcaster and founder of ONNIT, Aubrey Marcus, who was with us this year at the Darkness Retreat, and Brian Rose, the owner of LONDON REAL.

Since Brian Rose is a very active enlightener, the video was then unfortunately deleted immediately after the upload from YouTube, although we had not even published it. So we decided to upload this and other videos from HoloVibes on the platform!

auAnd here we are now additionally available!

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Here is a very in-depth interview with Brian Rose and Aubrey Marcus: 
Psychedelic experiences are only possible with drugs? 

You will learn all about the incredible power of darkness and how 7 days of complete darkness changed Aubrey Marcus.

And don’t miss the other video here of Aubrey, about his week in complete darkness, about his Pineal Gland Activation

And this is what Aubrey himself writes about his time at Darkness Retreat:
Adjectives fail to describe the gravity of what I encountered, from the incredible difficulty of grappling with my mind, to the unimaginable beauty of the emotions and visions. To synthesize my findings into a single mantra it would be: Love Yourself and Be Honest. Oh, and for anyone who thinks the brain doesn’t produce DMT endogenously in this state, since vivisection is not an option, I would challenge them to experience the darkness as an N=1 😉

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By the way, there are wonderful new interviews on my Spiritbalance Podcast and on YouTube HoloVibes, and soon they will all be on Bitchuit also.

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namasteeeAnd what happens to us in total darkness over several days?
Andrei spent 10 days in complete darkness and made a wonderful journey to himself. Find out in this amazing podcast episode what happened to Andrei in the darkness and what his fears were before he started the retreat.
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namastenina (1)And of course the wonderful interview with the world-famous Nina Rao Chant!
This is an amazing podcast about how to enter divine energies and how we can connect to the divine! Nina Rao is talking about her first soul-connection to Mantras and how she found the way to a life full of power. How can we connect best with the divine? And what is the point of it all?
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