Livestream on August 19th! New Spiritbalance Podcast Episode: Beyond the horizon! Out of body experiences, are they real?


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New Spiritbalance Podcast Episode: Beyond the horizon! Out of body experiences, are they real? Danilo and me will be live in a talk with Todd Acamesis!

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We will introduce you to Todd, a public speaker, spiritual teacher, trained remote viewer, self-taught astral projector, and brainwave entrainment researcher who has made it his mission to change something in the world!
Todd is the owner of the PandoraStar light therapy lamp
and has a paranormal laboratory in London, England. The topic of life after death is part of his everyday life and only through this exciting topic, Todd got into many spiritual topics and frontier of science many years ago.

Let’s talk about the Matrix and and how we are all subject to the law of the universe.
How can we best break out of the illusion without falling into fear? How can we manage to take the red pill instead of the blue one? And is Astral Projection / out of the body experiences real? And if, why are those experiences so powerful?

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