We talked about: Beyond the Illusions


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Beyond the Illusions

Matthew Aaron Mournian is a Multidimensional Energy Healer and professional psychic reader specializing in the removal of energetic manifestations – implantation, entity attachment, parasitic infestation, and most importantly – blocked emotional energy in the human body. His mission is to assist with the activation and integration of the multidimensional intuitive healing abilities that exist within each one of us.

Matthew’s day to day work involves the use of a 3 part protocol of energy reading, multidimensional tarot, and then direct transmission or extraction of energy in the body using an extra terrestrial healing modality known as Scalar Toning.

As a former addiction counselor and mental health worker Matthew’s primary focus is on clearing the negative energetic threads in our lives that stop us from truly realizing our life’s mission here on earth.

Whether it be through intuitive readings, energy clearing, or implant removal it is his mission to assist with the liberation of mankind during this time of great awakening and transformation of human consciousness.

Warm regards

Bharati with Danilo and the Spiritbalance Team

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