Darkness retreats now possible again

Hello and Namasté!

We are happy to inform you that our darkness retreats can be visited again since May 11th, 2020 thanks to an official permission!

You can book your own darkness retreat, independent of our group offers, at any time with us.
Here you can even do this directly online. Since we are already receiving requests, especially for the summer, we recommend that you inquire about your retreat soon if you are planning to come to us.

Discover here all the experience videos of some of our darkness retreat guests.

In our online shops Spiritbalanceshop and Rawbalance you can of course order around the clock as usual!

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Darkness Retreat Groups

Intensive darnessk retreat women’s group

3rd July . – 12th July 2020

Reconnect with your feminine power and use it to grow.
It is time to eliminate the differences that society has made between us and heal together on the path to the perfection of our femininity. Together in the darkness we will remove the obstacles that prevent our growth by benefiting from the power of the group. Healing on all levels may happen so that your feminine essence awakens and reaches its full potential.

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Astral journeys and spiritual self-experience group

14th August – 23th August 2020 

Dive deeply into the topic of expanding consciousness, up to conscious out-of-body states!
In a safe environment, with all the comfort you need, and above all, accompanied by our team of professionals, we have planned a powerful darkness retreat group to go into the depths of our being and thus be reborn in a new version of ourselves. Use the power of darkness and elevate your spiritual practice to the next level thanks to the strength of the group.

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Darkness retreat 21 days intensive for out-of-body experiences & self awareness

27th November – 17th December 2020

The time has come to wake up!
In this intensive darkness retreat group you will learn how to use more advanced techniques to consciously leave your body and work intensively with the other participants. Powerful mantras for Yoga Nidra and out-of-body experiences will help you with your exercises and you will learn to protect yourself from negative vibrations and beings (also in everyday life). Enjoy this experience thanks to the power of the group and awaken your full potential to live the life you want.

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LIVESTREAM with Danilo and me in English:

May 16th, 6pm on YouTube HoloVibes and my Facebook profile

Be there live today at 6pm
Subject: The Power of Grounding, Connecting to Nature and decharging Negative Energy

The connection to nature is and remains an important aspect for us humans and all living beings on this earth. Especially in the last 100 years, or even more so in the last 50 years, humans have been losing more and more of their connection to Mother Earth. And yet it is still so important to be connected, to be connected with everything that is and to earth oneself as well. In this livestream Danilo and I will go into this topic intensively and give you also assistance how you can ground yourself best and also discharge negative energy, in connection with Mother Nature.

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Our other events at our Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram

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17th to 18th July 2020

This year the Hanuman Chalisa will take place differently than usual. Since the corona measures still exist and we have to keep a distance from each other and wear mouthguards, it will be difficult for us to recite the Chalisa 108 times together. Under these circumstances there will be an alternative, such as an online Chalisa, with Satsang and a lot of background knowledge about the Hanuman Chalisa. Here we will also like to learn the Chalisa together (the text is very extensive) and also recite a little. More information will follow soon!

Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams Seminar (Level 1)

30th July to 2nd August 2020

Seminar for practical learning of astral travel and lucid dreams
Astral travel is one of the greatest possible experiences in spirituality. The breakthrough to consciously experienced astral journeys can be achieved by learning to dream lucid dreams. The seminar near Stuttgart offers a 3 1/2 day training and teaches the techniques to experience astral journeys, lucid dreams (clear dreams) and out-of-body experiences (OBE) yourself.

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Stay healthy, keep your energy up!
See you soon!

Your Bharati
with the Spiritbalance Team