Livestream with Nagaraj on 2nd April. 12 Years Swami from India



Do not miss the livestream on YouTube, on the channel of Danilo and me.

Thursday, 2nd April 2020 we will go LIVE at 5 PM (CEST)!!

This time with Nagaraj Swami from India, don’t miss the date!

photo_2020-04-01_14-44-28Nagaraj have been a Swami from the Ramalinga Swami Order for more than 12 years now. He often shares his knowledge with our tour participants on our trips to India.

Who was Ramalinga Swami?
Ramalinga Swami (October 5, 1823 – January 30, 1874) was one of the highest spiritual yogis in South India. There and around the world Ramalingam is also known as Vallalār and is one of the few Tamil saints known as “gnana siddhars”. Gnana means highest wisdom.
In the temple of Ramalinga Swami in Tamil Nadu, there is no statue, as in all other temples in India, but a light – as a reminder of the source of all energy in the universe. He lit this flame, which symbolizes the origin of all energy, with his own hands, and to this day the flame burns without interruption.

You will benefit from this talk, Nagaraj carries a lot of light in him. Let this light carry you and use the live chat during the stream to ask him your questions.

More livestreams will follow in the coming days, so it’s worth subscribing to the channel!

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Bharati with Danilo and the Spiritbalance Team


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