Save Spiritbalance! Save our team!

Dear Friends,

we, the Spiritbalance team in Sasbachwalden, need help!

Unfortunately, the economic consequences of the corona virus hit us very hard.

Long weeks before the forced closure, we experienced a sharp drop in all bookings due to the uncertainty surrounding the corona virus. As if that was not enough, we suddenly had to close from one day to the next.

Due to the new regulations, we are no longer allowed to accept guests for our popular dark retreat, hold seminars and accommodate overnight guests at the moment.

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For those who have not yet visited our seminar house, here is a video for you:

We are still in the happy position that we can still generate some income through the Spiritbalanceshop (  ) and the Rawbalanceshop (  ).

However, the income from the online shops is far from sufficient to pay the team that otherwise takes care of the seminar house operation.

At the moment, 95% of our income is simply gone and all the running costs are still there!

Short-time work helps us only a little and I don’t want to take out loans from the state.

Please help us through this time so that I don’t have to give anybody notice and we don’t sink into debt. Instead of donating you can also order something from our shops. THANK YOU!

By the way, you can of course still book a dark retreat with us, because after the Corona time we can take in guests as usual. All about dark retreats:  and on .

And if we have to stay closed longer than expected, you can postpone your retreat for free. Some of you have already booked your retreat for the end of 2020 and for 2021! 😉

We need about 20.000€ to bridge the time of the forced closure and to pay the running costs of the seminar house and what is even more important is that Spiritbalance employees can keep their jobs!

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Especially Sendi, Bianca, Tanja, Simone and Myriam must not lose their jobs now, they all have children and are urgently dependent on continuous pay! You can also see the ladies of their hearts in the photo (except Tanja, who is in the Home Office). And of course all the other employees want to continue working for Spiritbalance, receive their wages and do something good for the people.

In the news we hear/read daily about support from the federal and state governments. But the situation is confusing and the offices are completely overloaded. Without your help we will not be able to do it.

We would use any surplus from our campaign for the originally planned renovation of the seminar kitchen. We had to use the money planned for this to pay the wage costs of the current month.

Please support us with your donation! We don’t want to close Spiritbalance and quit our great team. We need your help to get through this difficult time.

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Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team

Bianca, Myriam, Sendi and Simone
and (not on the photo): Jenny, Sabine, Jennifer, Tanja, and the freelancers for design & back up: Marcus, Hannah & Blazia