PHÖNIX Retreat / 7 DAYS OF DARKNESS in Austria

All of us have experienced a long and intense Darkness Retreat at least once – while being nurtured in our mother’s warm and comforting womb. During this experience, we were in absolute union with our mother for 9 months, peacefully merged with the universe. A Darkness Retreat often serves as a conscious reliving of this intense experience. Here, new insights arise and deep tranquility enables us to establish a connection with the soul, which speaks to us and connects to ever higher spiritual vibrations.

The darkness is a primal force aiding us in our personal and spiritual development. If we embrace it for a longer period of time, we experience an ever deeper healing, a reconnection with ourselves, the universe and higher powers. According to the pre-buddhist Bön religion in Tibet, Darkness Retreats represent the “golden road to meditation”.