Trance states for everyone – Due the PandoraStar light therapy

Spirituality and science merge to give birth to the most revolutionary therapy in the world:


A tool that presents a complex system of plaque-shaped light that induces the brain in certain states aligned with our needs. It uses different sets of lights in order to generate a specific frequency in our brain waves.This manipulated frequency allow us to synchronize the state of our brain with a higher divine consciousness, allowing a deep connection with the most mystical and spiritual reality that exists. That is why it is also known as “Trance Machine”

Discover here how PandoraStar works 

Who is this revolutionary therapy for?

  • Spiritual professionals
  • Biofeedback technicians
  • Consciousness researchers
  • Personal development coaches
  • Holistic and metaphysical professionals
  • People curious and committed to their own development

Now you can exclusively purchase this tool for your therapies or for your personal use, or even come to our Ashram to receive therapy with us.

Its integrated software has infinite potential since it is programmable and allows you to create a variety of PandoraStar sessions that fit all the needs you can imagine, with a large number of pre-installed programs that make their use versatile,simple and powerful. You just have to lie under PandoraStar and let yourself be carried in a luminous trance into the depths of your being. Taking control of your life is at your fingertips.

What the Pandora Trance Machine can do for you:

  • Trascendental Experiences
  • Mental High Performance
  • Spiritual Experiences
  • Deep Transformation
  • Coping with stress
  • Astral Projection
  • Luzid dreaming
  • Mind Clarity
  • Creativity

And many more!

Pandora Star allows you to get where no other therapy has come. Whether for professional or individual use, it leaves no one indifferent. It will transform your life or that of your patients by aligning it with your inner essence.

This is only a small part of what Pandora Star can do for you, find more details on our website:

Blessed by Light

Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team


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Groups – dark retreats:

17.04. – 26.04.2020 > Healing group

08.05. – 28.05.2020 > Astral Advanced Group

03.07. – 12.07.2020 > Women’s group

14. – 23.08.2020 > Astral journeys and spiritual self experience group