Experience deep soul healing, make 2020 your year

Open up to experience the healing your soul craves

Darkness Retreat: Healing Group

17-26 April 2020

Face the adventure of healing yourself, thanks to the infinite power of darkness. Free yourself from your blockages and your deepest limitations living a transcendental experience that will mark a before and after in your life. Be part of a darkness retreat that will open the door to a new version of yourself, more aligned with the entire universe.

What will you experience:

  • A experience of pure personal transformation, accompanied by professionals and the power of the group
  • A lot of heart energy for actively work on solutions to energetic and emotional problems.
  • A space to transform deep, emotional issues such as anger, problems, depression and sadness into positive emotions.
  • Intense heart-to-heart conversations in the dark allowing our souls to speak and thus, achieving the healing of our whole being
  • Individual loving and professional accompaniment so that your own blockages dissipate and you can free your way to your new life.

What is included in the Retreat:

  • 10 days submerged in complete darkness in our Ashram in the Black Forest, Germany
  • A cosy single room with all the necessary amenities to live a transformative experience – (Bring a friend, share your room with him and you will both get 25% discount on the retreat.)
  • Three organic quality smoothies to nourish your body during your stay, although there is the option of an elaborate raw vegan menu available.

Dare to know what is hidden inside your soul, and live a transformative experience where the invisible will become visible and you will say goodbye to those issues that prevent your personal flowering.

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Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team