The key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation group

17th to 26th January 2020

Face the adventure of discovering the mysterious of existence. Let yourself be carried by the absence of sight and you will gain an infinite perspective and a connection with the universe. The mantra meditation group is the key that will open all the doors of 2020 for you.

What will you experience:

  • A deep energy work through mantras, yantras and other techniques from the deepest part of India to release blockages and reach spiritual fulfillment
  • The opportunity to have extrasensory and deeply mystical experiences, only attainable in states of deprivation of the senses, such as darkness
  • Very deep states of meditation caused by the energetic work done in combination with the darkness
  • A transformative experience where you will be reborn and return to life connected with the creative divine essence that surrounds us

What is included in the Retreat:

  • 10 days submerged in complete darkness in our Ashram in the Black Forest, Germany
  • A cosy single room with all the necessary amenities to live a transformative experience (Possible for couples with discount)
  • Three organic quality smoothies to nourish your body during your stay, although there is the option of an elaborate raw vegan menu or fasting.

If you want to give a complete turn to your life and allow the grace of divinity penetrate to the depths of your soul, do not miss this opportunity and participate exclusively in an event that will transform your whole being.

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