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Livestream directly from the Darkness Retreat Sunday, 09/01/2019

Live-Stream: September 1 at 5:55 pm – 49 days Fasting in the Dark 

(Day 21 from 49)

>>> Youtube Livestream, set reminder now: Danilos 21th day in complete Darkness – Pineal Gland Activation & Astralprojection

Would you like to know how the process of spiritual rebirthing is?

Danilo is currently experiencing a completely sublime state, where he is immersed in a halo of divine vibrational energy whose depth is inexorable.

With my presence and accompaniment guiding him in his personal process, Danilo is unlocking parts of his being that he would never have thought possible, and reaching a series of extrasensory and spiritual experiences that are unparalleled. He has been fitting the puzzle pieces of the universe for 21 days and becoming aware of the ultimate meaning of existence itself.

Join us on this journey towards the deepest part of the unconscious, where all our conditions become tangible and we can free ourselves from the blockages that do not allow the maximum expression of our being. Listen first-hand what it feels like to live an event as intense as this, and be inspired by seeing how incalculable the potential of the human being is.

What can you expect from this livestreaming session? :

• listen live online to the exiting experiences of Danilo, who is currently immersed in our darkness retreat for 49 days.
• hear about his of the pineal gland openings and what it feels like
• very Details about his special astral projection experiences

That and much more awaits you if you connect with us, write the date on your calendar and see you via Streaming, here is the link so you do not miss it:

>>> Youtube Livestream, set reminder now: Danilos 21th day in complete Darkness – Pineal Gland Activation & Astralprojection

All informations about Darkness Retreat here in Germany

Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team




Darkness Retreat Group “Phoenix” – Transformation in Austria


Reborn like a phoenix thanks to the mystical power of darkness.

An incredibly special opportunity opens before you for transforming those aspects that are no longer functional for your development.  Let us take care of everything while you just relax and get ready to live an incredibly spiritual experience that will mark a before and after in your life.

shutterstock_13533718492PHÖNIX Group: 7 days darkness for your personal transformation

21th to 29th September 2019

Feel the atmosphere of this beautiful place envelop you, and the power of its forests penetrates to the depths of your being. The Phoenix program is located in the 5-star level hotel complex Almdorf Seinerzeit in the UNESCO Biosphere Park Nockberge which makes this edition completely unique.

You will live a transformative extrasensory experience in a luxurious environment, where no detail is left to chance. For 7 days you will face the adventure of understanding the corners of your soul with all the possible comforts that will magnify your experience

If curiosity is knocking at your door, open it and read the full program here.


Phase 1: Training as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor

New Dates! Begin: 29th November to 1st December 2019

The opportunity you were waiting for has arrived. Change your life and change your future. It’s time to leave that boring office work and follow your dreams of helping others. Become a Darkness Retreat Counselor thanks to our training, which will be the beginning of a long career as a Retreat Facilitator.  Squeeze life to the fullest and become who you want to be.

I really want to change my life


Out-Of-Body Seminar Level 2

11 to 15th September 2019

Delve into the incredible astral world thanks to our intensive 5-day seminar, in which we will continue building on the foundations acquired at level 1. In addition, as if that were not enough, the revolutionary Pandorastar Light Therapy is waiting for you to give your astral life a quantum leap and transform your reality.

I can’t wait to be there again


Bhairavi Yogini Retreat in Indien

12 to 18th October 2019

Another call to all spiritual women, to all our sisters, mothers, daughters… The last Bharavi Yogini retreat is about to happen, and you still have time to join and awake the goddess who lives in you. In a dreamlike environment, soaked with sorority and high vibrations, we will transmute all our feminine power to connect with the universal essence.

More about our Yogini Retreat here 

Shivaratri Festival

16 to 27th February 2019

In February we return for the last time in a while Tiruvannamalai, South India, to the country of Spirituality where even miracles are possible. It is going to be probably our most special trip to say goodbye to Shivaratri, the night of Shiva. Amazing surprises, encounters with authentic Sadhus, exclusive Vedic wisdom and incredible temples… are only a small part of what awaits us.Are you going to miss it?

 More information here

Bharati & Spiritbalance team