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This is your Transformation Summer


Can you feel how your soul turns on?

Another edition of Hanuman Chalisa has almost arrived, but this time, it is charged with a unique strength and energy, which will enhance the Transformation of the Hearts of those attending to this incredible event.

Hanuman Chalisa 108 x Mantra-Recitation

19 & 20 July 2019

The time of heart transformation has arrived

If you want to change your life, share with us this magical atmosphere where even miracles are possible. During this weekend we will invoke a meditative trance through the recitation of Hanuman Chalisa, and so we will invite the grace of Hanuman to penetrate our souls.

You are still in time to be part of this experience. Moreover, in this edition, we will have again the incredible musical presence of Johannes Vogt, and in addition, a mysterious and secret complementary mantra will be revealed, so that you can obtain the maximum benefit of the experience and unlock the infinite potential that dwells in you.

Experience a complete transformation of your heart thanks to the energy of Hanuman, do not think about it anymore. Read more about it in this blog article.

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Darkness Retreat Out of Body Experiences and Spiritual Self-awareness

19th to 28th August 2019

Let the darkness envelop you and show you every corner of your being.

You are still in time to be part of one of the most powerful retreats we will organize this year in Spiritbalance, in which only a small number of privileged will embark on the adventure of inner transformation. During the 10 days of darkness all imaginable spiritual experience will become tangible, and your soul will tune to the frequency of the universe.

Thanks to my unconditional guide, the practices we will carry out, and the incredible nutritional offer of organic raw vegan food, there will be a complete renewal of the energy of the participants, who will return to their day to day with a deep understanding of life and of themselves.Do not miss the opportunity and transform into what you’ve always wanted.

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