Hanuman Chalisa x 108


A new opportunity opens up to connect with the purpose that the universe has planned for you.

This July, we will share a meditative trance as we invoke the energy of Hanuman. The ancient Indian scripts say that Hanuman himself appears and listens when someone recites his mantra at least seven times. During this event, we will recite a total of 108 Hanuman Chalisa, call in his full presence and blessings.

We are going to create a magical and unrepeatable atmosphere

It is not simply reciting, but a very deep meditation that allows the divine energy to penetrate into the depths of our soul.  In addition as an accompaniment, we will have the unfathomable support of the musicians who will attend the event.

The music will sustain the recitation, allowing an enchanted echo of divinity to envelop all the attendees. We will count with the exceptional figure of Johannes Vogt, who will accompany Chalisa with his profound and mystical presence.

If you feel like participating with your instrument, you are especially welcome.

 Transformation Of The Heart

Hanuman StatueThe day before the recital, we will offer a special seminar called “Transformation Of The Heart”, in which we will experience a complete renewal of our whole being, thanks to the profound wisdom and best kept secrets of Hanuman that will be shared. Besides this, we will also reveal a powerful mantra for true bhakti, to complete the Chalisa, whose power and exclusivity makes that only a few people in the West know of its existence.

During this edition, it will be possible to camp in the garden of our ashram, so all the divine energie that is built on this weekend will soak every cell of your being, and allow the feeling of community to be even deeper and more healing.

If you feel that all this information resonates with you, you can begin to invoke Hanuman’s energy for yourself, helping this event reach as many people as possible. For this you can contribute to distributing posters and flyers in your city, you just have to get in touch with us.


If you want to live a real change, if you want to take charge of your life, while experiencing an event charged with divine and transforming heart energy, do not think about it anymore.

Heal, reborn, change, accept, let go, undertake, improve … All this and much more awaits us during the weekend of July 19 and 20.

Check all the information about the event here.
Let yourself be enveloped by the magic of Johannes’ music, check his CD
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Yours Bharati