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Transformative Summer Events

For all those curious in spirit, who want to know what is the mystery that surrounds our Darkness Retreats, keep reading …

To help you understand the unparalleled power of darkness itself, we want to give you a present that will satisfy your thirst of “Darkness Retreat Knowledge”. Immerse yourself in the most transformative experience with this powerful interview, where Akshay Nanavati shares with us part of his adventure into the unknown.

“Only when we free ourselves from what clouds our perception, can we find the essence of existence itself.”

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Darkness Retreat Women group

5th to 14th July 2019

It is time to uncover all female energy potential. You’re still in time to be part of our next Darkness Retreat, just for women. In it you will discover the authentic Goddess that dwells in you. Take the opportunity and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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Full Moon Meditation Guru Purnima

16 July 2019 19:00 to 21:30

Accompany us during the night of Guru Purnima, the most powerful full moon of the year. During this event we will recite the powerful Hanuman Chalisa and the mantra of Ramalinga Swami, to invoke the magic of transformation and divinity. It’s not necessary to have any previous experience.

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Hanuman Chalisa x 108


A new opportunity opens up to connect with the purpose that the universe has planned for you.

This July, we will share a meditative trance as we invoke the energy of Hanuman. The ancient Indian scripts say that Hanuman himself appears and listens when someone recites his mantra at least seven times. During this event, we will recite a total of 108 Hanuman Chalisa, call in his full presence and blessings.

We are going to create a magical and unrepeatable atmosphere

It is not simply reciting, but a very deep meditation that allows the divine energy to penetrate into the depths of our soul.  In addition as an accompaniment, we will have the unfathomable support of the musicians who will attend the event.

The music will sustain the recitation, allowing an enchanted echo of divinity to envelop all the attendees. We will count with the exceptional figure of Johannes Vogt, who will accompany Chalisa with his profound and mystical presence.

If you feel like participating with your instrument, you are especially welcome.

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cross light in the darkness in your hands

Transform your fears into positive energy


This past month we have received many requests from our dear followers asking for more information about the updates we live at Spiritbalance. As a response and as a gift for your fidelity, we have created a special Newsletter, which will contain current information as well as other important facts, so that you can stay connected to our spiritual flow.

We incorporate the Most Powerfull Tool to our Darkness Retreats

We have the honor of offering you the most revolutionary therapy that exists in the spiritual world today.

Pandorastar Light Therapy.

The perfect fusion between science and spirituality that will help you to uncover the most hidden parts of your being. Discover how it works in this article and complement your Retreat with its powerful healing sessions.


Feel how your inner voice resonates and ask us for more information.

Our next retreat is coming, and you are still in time to be part of it. If you are a woman and you want to reinvent yourself, take advantage of the opportunity that opens up before you:


5th of July to 14th of July

Find everything you need about the event here 

What you can expect:

  • To awaken the feminine essence that lives in you
  • To live a completely transformative experience
  • To unlock what prevents your total development
  • To work with your astral and energetic body
  • To take advantage of the support and sorority of the group to free yourself and grow

If you feel like a flame has burned inside you, read more about it here.

Visit our instagram account where we share information and inspiring thoughts

Remember that if you have any special requests, specific topics that you would like to know more about, questions you want to solve, please contact us. We are at your disposal, open to any suggestion you propose and open for any feedback that helps us improve and thus be able to help more people..

We wish you a week full of Light, Energy and Divine Grace

Bharati & Spiritbalance team

flower divine light temple

A summer full of transformation


With the good weather, the time for transformation has arrived. In our ashram the garden gives us more and more lush vegetation, the power of creation is present in each tree, in each plant, in the song of each bird. The magic is in the environment, and we participate in it every day since we get up until we go to bed.

While Mother Nature continues its cycle, we prepare for the coming events, among which one of the most special ones stands out:  Hanuman Chalisa x 108 July edition

Hanuman Chalisa x 108 Mantra Chant

19 & 20 July 2019

Live one of the most transformative experiences of your life, and use the energy of Hanuman to free yourself and bring out your full potential.

What you can expect:

  • Benditions of the deity Hanuman, who is worshiped in this act.
  • A profoundly transforming experience.
  • Secret knowledge of my years in India.
  • A healing feeling from the support of our community.
  • Release of inaccessible blocks from your unconsciousness.
  • Empowerment to change what does not let you grow in your life.
  • A different weekend where divine grace will envelop us with its power.

All this and much more is waiting for you, you just have to open your heart to receive the grace of Hanuman. For those to whom these words resonate, you can find a more detailed article here.

Do not miss the opportunity to live a full life.

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Darkness Retreat Women group

5th to 14th July 2019

Awaken the goddess who lives within you thanks to this Darkness Retreat solely focused on women. There, feminine ancestral wisdom will be shared. An event that will allow you to reach your maximum potential and discover your inner essence.

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The Yogini Bharavi Retreat

12 to 18th October 2019

Take the opportunity and travel to India with us on the penultimate trip we will make for the time being. We only have two more Sadhana Journeys to Tiruvannamalai, the city where you drink from the source of spirituality, before taking a break until the little ones in the house are older. We have the pleasure of inviting you today to one of this events.

Open up yourself to the Yogini that exists in you. We will make a special retreat only for women, where we will navigate in the deepest secrets of spiritual feminine wisdom. this secret knowledge will be supported with the presence of authentic Bharavi Yoginis, who will help us reach our full potential as a women. Let’s support each other and grow together.

More about our Yogini Retreat here 


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