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Do you live the full potential as a woman? Create from your womanhood! Experience yourself new in the darkness retreat

Intensive darkness retreat women’s group


It is time to awaken the feminine essence that lives in the deepest part of your soul. Feel the call of this powerful event, which combines all the necessary elements to reconnect with the goddess that dwells within you.

There have been many years of separation, trapped in the patriarchal structure that wants to keep under its yoke the infinite power of the feminine force, but the hour of the change has arrived.

While our ancestors already met in women’s circles to take advantage of its great potential, the frenetic pace of today’s society has made this powerful custom being forgotten. But in the month of July, an exclusive opportunity opens up before you.


A special Darkness Retreat for Women.

A place to cultivate with the support of our sisters a collective consciousness that embraces and values what we feel, that unites the internal transformation with social change and that remembers the sacredness of life.

During this intense retreat, all the knowledge I have gained during my years in India will be shared. You will drink from the source of Yogini wisdom, whose strength and power has been buried by the fearful men who rule the world.

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However, the feminine potential is such that it can not be contained.

Remember, our wombs are the doors to the incarnation of life. Existence flows through us as women. We are the first house of every being in this world. And through mutual support, we have the force to transform reality in our favour.

The power of this event makes it one of the most intense we have ever experienced in Spiritbalance. It is a unique opportunity, due to the combination between the exclusively female group, and the atmosphere that is generated because of the darkness.

Taking advantage of the incredible potential of darkness, everything invisible will become visible. Our souls will whisper its best-kept secrets, and the connection with our higher self will become so tangible that it will show us the path to transformation.

The whole process that takes place due to the absence of vision, will be enhanced by the group energy. Pure feminine connection, where the sorority of our companions will be the support and guidance we need to get the most out of the experience. Our sisters will sustain us during our metamorphosis


The time has come to heal and to open up to the abundance that belongs to us by right.

Together, opening our hearts in the dark, transforming processes are going to take place. Take advantage of the space we provide for you because the adventure begins now.

The time has come to empower and heal.


Let’s uncover the feminine potential. We will understand all the secrets that have not been counted. Women contain the creative potential of the universe, so it is necessary that we stop competing among other women.

The energy field that will be created, will free ourselves of those heavy burdens that we carry from our birth, well learned, or inherited. We will heal ourselves and our previous generations, and we will allow our children to have a fuller and freer existence since part of human evolution has already been done by us.

Once we abandon our old patterns, we will receive the principle of femininity. Thus, we will finally recognize our full spiritual potential. And in the generating context of the group, the deepest transpersonal flowering will take place.

The whole process of awakening will become tangible and achievable.

In Spiritbalance, we are completely committed to the awakening of female consciousness, and that is why we want to offer a place where each woman can find their own voice and can flourish within the strength that fosters the circle.

Participating in this Retreat will be a part key in our path of integration as a woman, a place to let go of masks, burdens and obligations and enjoy more and more of being ourselves. Do not wait any longer to be the woman you’ve always wanted to be.

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And if you feel the fervour of a flame beating in your chest, take a look at our next trip to India, where we will also work energetically with feminine power.

-Navaratri Festival   > Travel date 27.09. – 09.10.2019

– Yogini Bhairavi Retreat  > Travel date 12.10. – 18.10.2019



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