freundinnen neben meiner dhuni

Reconnect with your power as women and use it to grow

“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” — Robert Browning





This week, we celebrate and honor motherhood, because its creative force has brought us to this plane of existence. Maternal love is infinite, and connects us with the non-dual essence from which we come. For this reason, at Spiritabalance we have made a selection of our best events to honor feminine strength and energy, and thus, learn to experience life as a woman in a different way:

Darkness Retreat Women group

5th to 14th July 2019

Reconnect with your power as women and use it to grow. This event is a unique opportunity to make your woman’s essence bloom. It is time to heal together towards the elevation of our femininity. Together in the Darkness, we will eliminate those barriers that prevent our growth by taking benefits from the group power. Powerful techniques will be shared so that your feminine energy awakens and takes full advantage of its potential.

Awaken your Shakti, more info here

Sadhana Journey to India: Navaratri Festival

27 September- 9 October 2019

Soak in magic on this trip to South India, to celebrate the festival of the Divine Mother. In the country where spirituality is born, we will carry out a process to invoke all the power of transformation for 9 days and 9 nights, working in a group, through mantras and other practices. The most hidden treasures of India will be shared on this journey, from powerful places, temples, authentic sadhus and yogis, to the knowledge of Indian wisdom. Live a unique experience with the blessing of Shakti as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Get a glimpse of Navaratri Festival

Sadhana Journey to India: Bhairavi Yogini Retreat

12 to 18th October 2019

Wake up the yogini that exists in you. Taking advantage of the incredible energy that is built during Navaratri Festival, we will make a special retreat only for women, where we will navigate in the deepest secrets of spiritual feminine wisdom. This knowledge is very coveted, and comes from the initiation I received during the 10 years I lived in India by the so wise Bhairavi Matas that have crossed my path. You will meet authentic Yoginis who will inspire you to rediscover the divine energy that exists within you.

More about our Yogini Retreat here 

Full Moon Meditation

18 May 2019 19:00 to 21:30

Join us to invoke the sacred power of the Full Moon through deep group meditation.
It is not necessary to have any experience, just an open heart, curiosity and a desire to grow. If you are ready to develop a higher state of consciousness, to connect with the astral world, to heal yourself we will guide you through this rout of discovery. Wrap yourself in the the wisdom of Mother Nature, through the energy of the moon.

Informations here 


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