The new light therapy for healers and therapists

To all healers, therapists, and all who want to heal themselves and expand their consciousness!
We have the absolute novelty for you in the Spiritbalanceshop.


The Light Therapy


Sometimes we need help to open our eyes to other realities. There is an infinite potential in man, but it is hidden under layers of conformism, automatisms and lack of personal acceptance.

Imagine for a moment that today could be the last day on which your fears and barriers will accompany you. Imagine that tomorrow you will get up and be capable of everything you have always wanted.

That and much more is definitely possible with light therapy.


We are happy to present to you what is considered revolutionary therapy.

It is an incredible tool to free yourself from self-destructive behaviour, alcoholism and tobacco addiction. Go back to sleep in the evening, improve your cognitive skills, live the life you long for.

Take your spiritual life to the next level, experience extremely deep and insightful meditation states. Find your life content through light therapy!

Through the use of intensively flickering kaleidoscope-like light with different frequencies it is possible to stimulate the brain, to activate different states of consciousness and to go new ways, to process information and to react to it.

The light therapy uses a lamp, which 12 white LED lights in the form of the “flower of life” is represented. It causes a massive induction of waves in the brain leading to states of consciousness that otherwise require years of deep meditation. Psychedelic images are also possible, of course without the influence of drugs.

If you lie in front of or under the light with your eyes closed, you will be immersed in a world full of living and flowing images and movements that will free you from anything that restricts the expression of your true being.

>>Here you will find a detailed description of how light therapy can help you with the different programs.

Healing blockages has never been so easy, you can attach the device to a tripod and take it anywhere.

It is easy to transport as it fits well in a backpack.

A wide range of programs are already installed and pre-set, so all you have to do is select the one you want……. and the journey of light into other dimensions begins.

Let’s reinvent life. Let us remove the layers that no longer function, that hide the essence of our being. Our maximum potential, our light.

Let us ignite the flame of life!

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