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SPECIAL ASTRAL Blogpost – Open your mind


Stop for a moment and feel it. Our subtle energy mixes with the vibrant power of spring, inviting our soul to blossom and reborn towards a better version of ourselves. It is the perfect moment to start an astral adventure that will transform you into what you have always dreamed of. Take the opportunity to soak up the freshness of this new stage that opens before you.

The deepest out-of-body experiences occur in the dark: take advantage of our powerful events!

If you want to live a deeply transforming experience, don’t miss the chance and be part of a Darkness Retreat specialized in astral travel. Benefiting from the potential of darkness, we will focus on consciously teaching you to have deep out-of-body experiences. 

Our Darkness Retreats will be unique events, in which the power of the group will be mixed with an eminently practical approach to take your astral experiences to the next level. Even if you have participated in a seminar with us, you will be surprised to feel the powerful energy that comes out in the retreats.

Darkness Retreat Group: out of body experience and spiritual self-awareness

19th to 28th August 2019

This group is perfect for those who want to learn perfectly step by step the process to have out-of-body experiences. Taking advantage of the power of darkness and the energy of the group, It is also great for people who want to start or who want to settle their previous knowledge before taking our next retreat, which is longer and deeper.

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PREMIERE: Darkness Retreat 21 days intensive for out of body experiences & self-awareness

15th November to 5th December 2019

We are proud to present for the first time in Spiritbalance the most powerful event of the year. 21 days of Darkness Retreat focused on out-of-body experiences. The most incredible opportunity to open ourselves to the astral worlds and become true masters in having experiences outside the material plane.

Prepare to live the most transformative experience of your life story. During this retreat, darkness will illuminate the most hidden corners of your being, and will make you connect with other dimensions outside of matter, where astral universes await you to experience an exciting adventure.

You will not only be conscious in out of body experiences, but you will also go home with intense knowledge of the astral worlds, protection against negative energies and special mantras.It will be an authentic spiritual rebirth, accompanied by the power of the group and by our team of professionals always at your disposal.

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Brand new: Activate your astral body with PandoraStar Light Therapy

IMG_2611Maybe you can not wait any longer to continue developing your astral abilities?

At Spiritbalance we have worked very hard to offer you the tool that will mark a before and after in your life.

PandoraStar Light therapy, perfect for pineal activation, lucid dreams, out-of-body experiences … And much more.

Take a look at all available programs, there is at least one waiting for you.

> You can find PandoraStar in my Online Shop 


We want to reward your loyalty: we offer you a unique and free incredible Webinar

Free Webinar about Mantras, Siddhis & Spiritual Experiences

2  May 2019, 19:00 to 20:00

In this free Webinar, the deepest wisdom of my years of experience in India has been condensed, in order to offer you the knowledge and practical techniques to change your life. It is a unique opportunity to take your spiritual life to the next level. Mantras, secrets, how to develop Siddhis, and more about the hidden powers of the Yogis are waiting for you in this Webinar, with which we want to return some of the energy that we receive from our dear followers.

I want to learn about the mysteries of India, Sign up here! 


And finally, a small reminder of our next Indian trip

Sadhana Journey to India: Navaratri Festival & Yogini Retreat:

September- October 2019

Get a glimpse of Navaratri Festival

More about our Yogini Retreat here  


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