cross light in the darkness in your hands

Awaken your full potential now through astral travel & darkness retreats

There is no limit in your potential for spiritual development, leave your comfort zone and begin to fully exist!

The seed of our true self must be planted in fertile soil and cared for with respect, love and conscience.
That is why it is so important to generate an environment conducive to its flowering.

Each time we choose to invest our time in positive actions for ourselves, we awaken a little more our spiritual nature and we are closer to discovering the purpose of our lives. That’s why at Spiritbalance we always try to contribute to the collective development of consciousness through our events, therapies and powerful objects.

cross light in the darkness in your hands

Awaken your full potential with our speciality, Darkness Retreat:

Darkness Retreat Healing group

12th to 21st April 2019

Experience the power of transformation in your own skin. You are still on time to be part of the most impressive trip of your life. A trip to the deepest recesses of your soul, that will make you reborn as a new person, fully spiritual, aligned with your goals, lighter and fuller than ever. It is time to begin the process of blockage recognition and awareness. 

Also, as if that were not enough, you are not alone in your path. Other spiritual seekers will accompany you, and thanks to the energetic power built by the group, incredible transpersonal healing processes will take place. You can reach those parts of you that you do not even know that exist.

In this intensive edition of Darkness Retreat Healing Group, participants undergo into deep spiritual energetic processes. Through intense heart-to-heart conversations in the darkness, souls will talk to each other. The result is a space in which the group heals together. You will learn methods and experience touching moments that will bring you back to yourself

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But if you can not be part of this experience, do not worry, you still have other opportunities to experience Darkness Retreat in group. Also, remember that it is always possible to do it individually if there is availability:

Darkness Retreat Women group

5th to 14th July 2019

Use your femininity to awaken the divinity that dwells in you. It is time to invoke the Shakti we carry within us and to use female support and sorority to free ourselves from the blockages that do not allow us to grow. In the darkness is when our essence begins to bloom, and that is when we have the opportunity to transform ourselves. Powerful techniques will be shared so that you can take full advantage of your potential.

Awaken the Shakti that you carry inside 


Darkness Retreat Group: out of body experience and spiritual self-awareness

19th to 28th August 2019

Only when we stop to listen to ourselves the answers appear in our minds.
That’s why Darkness will be our best ally. In a safe context, with all the comforts you need, and above all, accompanied by our team of professionals, we have prepared a powerful group event to go into the depths of our being, and thus be reborn in a new version of ourselves.
Benefit from the power of Darkness and elevate your spiritual practice to the next level thanks to the strength of the group.

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Darkness Retreat 21 days intensive for out of body experiences & self-awareness

15th November to 5th December 2019

The time has come to wake up. In this intensive 21 Darkness Retreat group, you will learn how to use more advanced techniques to consciously leave your body and work intensely with the other participants.

Powerful Mantras for Yoga Nidra and out of body experiences will assist you in your exercises, and you will learn how to protect yourself from negative vibrations and beings (even in everyday life). Make the most of this experience thanks to the power of the group and awaken your full potential for living the life you want.

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Sadhana Journey to India: Navaratri Festival & Yogini Retreat

September – October 2019

Prepare to live a completely transformative experience in the country of spirituality. Those who are prepared to receive gifts from India will return home being completely transformed people. Magic is waiting for us, Sadhus, mystics, hidden temples, powerful objects and authentic miracles are only a small part of what is going to happen. 

Tiruvannamalai, the city where spirituality has not been corrupted will hold the Navaratri Festival event, the Festival of the Mother, and after that, you will be able to participate in our Yogini Retreat, for those authentic Shaktis who are not afraid to awaken their inner power. 

Get a glimpse of Navaratri Festival

More about our Yogini Retreat here  


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