Happy Shivaratri – today the most powerful new moon of the year



and warm greetings from India – we are currently in Tiruvannamalai, South India.

Tonight the most powerful new moon of the year will be celebrated! This night is called Shivaratri and right here at this wonderful place of power thousands of yogis and sadhus pilgrimage to the holy mountain Arunachala.

The Arunachala is a special mountain, it not only contains pure Shiva energy, it is also said that the Arunachala is Shiva himself! This makes it an attractive pilgrimage city with enormous powerful energies.

Shivaratri is the night of Shiva and also known as the day Shiva married the goddess Parvati. This wedding symbolizes the union of the individual soul with the divine. It is said that the ceremonies for Shiva on this day help to free us from all sins.

Meditations provide access to insights that lead beyond the frame of mind and intellect to a higher consciousness. To surrender to this consciousness is to believe that there is a divine power that cares for us. Since Shiva symbolizes truth, peace, beauty and infinity, He also represents the essence of our soul.

Shiva statue in Murudeswara

Connect with Shiva today!

Shiva is not only the destroyer of disturbing energies, but also the renewer. Those who directly build Shiva energies at Shivaratri will strongly transform their past and present karma. High states of consciousness and a strong increase of the soul power are the result of being awake and celebrating in this special night.
In the night of Shiva wishes will come true, the mind will be calmed down and many rituals will be held. For the benefit of the Shivaratri energy it is also necessary to spend the night awake, fasting and reciting mantras.
In this very special new moon night everything can be achieved spiritually!

You can also celebrate Shivaratri at home. You can do a puja (fire ritual), abishek (ritual washing of a special power object), derive positive energy processes, sing bhajans and recite powerful mantras. You can also simply retreat to meditation.

In any case I wish you a wonderful Shivaratri night!

The next opportunity to travel with us is this year in September to Navaratri, the 9 Days and Neighbor of the Divine Mother!

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Many greetings
your Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team