Special notification for Shivaratri trip: Yogi Raguvendra Das is coming


this is a special newsletter for you, with which I cordially invite you again to the upcoming India trip to Shivaratri, which will take place from 26.02.- 09.03.2019. The Shivaratri Night is the night with the most powerful new moon of the year and is celebrated intensively in India.

In 7 weeks it already starts and you still have the possibility to be there!

Why am I writing to you again? That has a special reason! A yogi, whom I have known from India for many years, has announced to come for the trip in February.

His name is Raguvendra Das and one of the most powerful Hanuman Yogis I know personally. It is very rare to meet such an intensely practicing yogi. Therefore you will not only have the opportunity to get to know India on this journey, but also to experience many intense spiritual experiences. But even now the possibility to get to know a yogi who has been doing very intensive sadhanas since his childhood (spiritual practice) and also passes these practices on to other people.

Picture: Raguvendra Das in Samadhi State

Raguvendra Das has its base in Rajasthan and travels to one place only when he feels the energetic call to it. So it was in 2014 and 2015 for the two journeys to Navaratri, the 9 most powerful nights ofurgas.

2014 was very special because during the 9 days and nights of Navaratri he did a samadhi process where he did not eat, drink or sleep for 9 days. He stayed 9 days in the high Samadhi state, where we were allowed to be witnesses. We were there 24 hours a day on these 9 days and nights and could experience how deep Raguvendra Das has gone into high levels of consciousness. Through his high energy the participants could also experience highly spiritual experiences.
At the Kumbha Mela 2013 there were two travel groups, one of them was allowed to get to know him, because he travels a lot as Sadhu and is also present at such big events.

Here you can see Raguvendras energy in a video with me.

For all those who were present during the journeys, this was also a great highlight, because Raguvendra Das also passes on a lot of knowledge from his life as a yogi to everyone who is present during the journey and really wants to acquire this knowledge.

You wanted to experience true high spiritual experiences anyway and now you are really drawn to India?
Here you will find all information about the trip, please register! You can still be there!

Do you have any questions about the trip? Contact us with pleasure and we call you directly or send you further information by mail.

I am very curious who will spend this special Shivaratri time with us!

Many dear greetings
your Bharati