5 Spiritual Purposes for New Year

Hello and Namaste!

Happy new year from the depths of our soul. This 2018 is a mere memory that gives us a new opportunity to live, in 365 stages. It was a very intense year for me, for my work team and for my family.Therefore, I expect 2019 with great enthusiasm: I appreciate what the universe has given me, but I embrace what is to come, because I know that there is much I can help others, the mission of my life. Thank you very much for being part of Spiritbalance.

And to start this new stage with the best possible energy, we have a gift for you, you will find here my article “5 Spiritual Purposes for New Year”on my blog, which will help you as a guide to align your life and make the most of  your potential

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation group

18th to 27th January 2019

It is time to take your spiritual development to the next level. In this intensive edition of Mantra Meditation Group Darkness Retreat, participants undergo deep spiritual energetic processes together in the darkness. The group energy will be exploited by chanting mantras and other spiritual practices and thus reach clear states of consciousness. We will share a wealth of energetic techniques that have been practised and refined in India for a long time.

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Full Moon Meditation

22 January 2019 

We meet monthly to invoke the power of  Full Moon through deep group meditation.
It is not necessary to have any experience, just an open heart, curiosity and a desire to grow. If you are ready to develop a higher state of consciousness, to connect with the astral world, to heal yourself we will guide you through this rout of discovery. Feel the strength of the full moon in your own skin.

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India trip to the festival Shivaratri

26th February to 9th March 2019

Feel the mysterious call of India, the moment of transformation has arrived.

In February, we fly back to Tiruvannamalai, South India to celebrate the most powerful new moon during the year, the Shiva Night, the Shivaratri Festival. If you want to live a completely transformative experience, in an incredibly safe environment, it is time for you to come with us. Amazing adventures, magical places and spiritual people are waiting for you. Also, as soon as you set foot in India, you will receive powerful special gifts to accompany you on your trip. We still have a few places left, so join us!

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A complete overview of all our events in 2019 can be found here

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance