5 Spiritual Purposes for a Happy and Deep New Year

The year 2018 ends, but it offers a new opportunity to change energies and set new goals to realize the next 12 months.

At this time, many people are indulging in a review and re-evaluating some of their decisions of the past year. The New Year resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have not been able to begin with the changes they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps at the beginning of winter.


We’ll give you some ideas about your new goals that you can set for 2019.

Go more into gratitude:

Studies show that gratitude can make you 25% happier. Gratitude will also help you overcome difficulties, improve the quality of your sleep, and enable you to get along better with others. It is about being aware of how happy you are to have what you have, whether it is much or little. We should also appreciate the ability to change what we don’t like and become better in all areas. So for next year, aim to be more grateful.

Spend more time in nature:

People were not created to be crammed all day. Staying in nature makes you happier, strengthens your immune system and even makes you more creative. Go out to visit new places, hear new sounds, try new foods. There is always something new to discover and do. Nature brings us back to our original point.


Read more:

Books are an excellent way to get great knowledge on a variety of topics, and they are also a great exercise for the brain. It’s not so difficult to read 20 or more books in a year; just make it a habit to discover your kind of books and find a little time to read. If you have a few minutes of free time, make it a productive time for your mind and invest it by reading a few lines.

Be more considerate:

Do you think about volunteering or donations during the holidays? People who need help do not focus on a specific time of the year. If you can donate your time, this is the best decision. And remember that social volunteering is not the only way to accomplish good deeds, there are many people who need help in our immediate environment (your husband, your children, your parents, your friends…).



People have been trying for thousands of years to find ways to improve their approach and connection to life. Most ancient civilizations had a combination of mental activity and herbal medicine to help themselves achieve this goal. Today we have many ways to incorporate meditation into our daily routine to increase concentration and improve our mental abilities. If you continue, you can control your mood, you will connect with the magic that surrounds us, and you will have more opportunities to solve problems.

At the beginning of almost every new year I renew my intention to devote time to meditation. It is one of the few actions that the more I do, the more it changes my life; I am more focused and I can see with better perspective whether I begin or end my day surrounded by divinity and inner peace.

As you begin this new year too, use it as a renewed opportunity to lead yourself towards growth and spiritual renewal by finding a solution that promotes meditation, service, compassion and forgiveness.

Allow meditation to guide you and decide in the New Year for goals that will make you happier and better aligned with your values and needs.

Bharati with the Spiritbalance Team