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Awesome Gongmeditation in our Ashram

Hello and Namaste!

A new month is beginning that will bring us new insights and experiences. Our trip to India is already over, we are still very inspired by these two wonderful travel groups and the unique moments we shared with our two groups.

In our Ashram in Sasbachwalden there is still a lot going on, we are very much looking forward to the next “Gong Meditation” with Nam Hari Singh and his wonderful “Naadyoga Workshop” (also known as Yoga of Sound).

Gong meditation with Nam Hari Singh

November 16th 2018 from 19 – 21 o’clock

5288074dcd1164e33f9ee060588bd6faWould you like to take your spiritual development to another level?
With this very deep gong meditation you go far beyond the relaxation of sound.
With its high vibrations, the gong supports you in accepting a higher vibration yourself.

The aim of gong meditation is to restore your original state of vibration so that you experience more joy, relaxation and ease in your life. Therefore, in the yogic tradition, the gong is considered to be one of the most powerful shamanic instruments.

On this evening the power of the gong will enable a restructuring of the energies and anchored feelings in you. Be there and enjoy the high vibrating frequencies of the gong with Nam Hari Singh.

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Naadyoga Workshop

November 17th, 2018, 10 – 14 o’clock

Science today knows what yogis have always known:
“Everything is sound”, not necessarily with a frequency audible to man, but everything resonates with it.

Naadyoga, or Yoga of Sound, is a form of yoga that has been part of the yogic tradition since Vedic times and encompasses the world of sound vibrations in all their aspects.
Sound and vibration are used to create specific moods, to heal and to live happier.

Thus, through the yoga of sound, we approach the reality that is within ourselves.
So in this life experience that we live, we can go on with the accompaniment of sound during the journey. You just have to learn to adjust to this wave frequency that leads us to infinity.

Nam Hari teaches you the core of Naayoga with a lot of heart in this workshop and takes you on a wonderful sound journey.

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Raw food Christmas meeting

December 07th – 7:00 to 9:00 pm

25010054_530808330621602_8429027292977561600_nExperience a healthy Christmas and still feast, yes, that’s possible!

We cordially invite you to the Rohkost Weihnachts Schlemmertreffen, where we will prepare amazing Christmas dishes. Raw vegetable biscuits, winter smoothies, raw vegetable cakes and many delicious dishes and Christmas snacks are waiting for you! Together we will prepare these delicious alternatives this evening – completely vegan and based on the raw food diet.

Be inspired by the raw food – because feasting is also healthy, raw and vegan!

Learn about traditional Christmas taste in a healthier version!

Darkness Retreat Mantra Meditation Group

18. – 27.01.2019

We are pleased to offer you this special intensive dark retreat mantra meditation group where you as a participant in the group will go through deep spiritual energy processes in the darkness together. We will share a wealth of mantras and energetic techniques that have long been practiced and developed in India.

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Is this the first time you have heard of the Dark Retreat? Dark retreats, also known as Dark Therapy, Dunkelyoga or Dark Meditation, are an effective way to high-energy spiritual experiences and self-discovery.

Dark Retreat HandWithout any external stimuli, the inner voice is more powerful because it is clearly connected to the soul. Thus it happens that unique truth and wisdom become conscious in flashes of knowledge. Your inner knowledge is suddenly very clear. Making decisions is suddenly easy, because your own path is clearly ahead of you. Answers to important questions in life suddenly come to us all by themselves.

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A complete overview of all our events in 2018 can be foundĀ here

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance