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Our Events in autumn in Germany!

Hello and Namaste!

As you probably know, we are in India now. Navaratri Festival is ending, but our Yogini Retreat is taking place soon, so we are moving forward to finalize its preparations. 
Meanwhile, our Ashram in Sasbachwalden is full of life, starting with our ” Raw food Meeting” where you can learn and share a new way to nourish yourself.

Don’t forget that you are welcome to our monthly “Full moon meditation”
And if you continue reading till the end, you will find the charming and engaging event that we have prepared for December…. A special edition of Raw food meeting:


 “You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.”

Full Moon Meditation

24 October 2018, 19 pm to 21:30 pm

Fotolia_61290132_Subscription_Monthly_XLWe meet monthly to invoke the power of  Full Moon, which is acclaimed all over the world.
Through a deep group meditation we call upon mystical abilities of connection and deeper understanding.

Is time to change. Is time to achieve. If you are ready to develop a higher state of consciousness, to connect with the astral world, to heal yourself, and continue walking through the spiritual path, come with us to our Magic Spot in Sasbachwalden.

You will experience a new way to perceive life.
It is not necessary to have any experience of meditation, just an open heart, curiosity and a desire to grow. We will guide you through this rout of discovery.

>>> Benefit from the power of Full Moon!

Raw food meeting, full of heavenly culinary delights

2 November 2018, 19 pm to 21 pm.

We create a space to share and to learn. The watchword is to create a better world, through a cruelty-free diet. Here you can express your doubts or your knowledge. It is a sensorial banquet of Raw food in which everybody is welcome, from children to adults. A place where we can share food, recipes, alternative ways of living…

You will taste raw prepared dishes, such as raw food bread, raw chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, cheese, smoothies, and many other delicacies…
If you want to get rid of chronic diseases, or just continue your healthy lifestyle with more inspiration and wisdom, come with us and enjoy the power of raw food.
You will feel how much your life and the planet can be improved by your eating decisions.

>>> Give new inspiration to your diet! 

Raw food Christmas meeting
07. Dezember – 19:00 – 21:00

25010054_530808330621602_8429027292977561600_nChristmas is coming and is time to share and celebrate. But sometimes is difficult to mix a healthy lifestyle with this festivity.
For this reason, we have prepared a special edition of our habitual Raw Food meeting, in which amazing  Christmas dishes with its recipes are going to be shared. It will make a shift in your perception of this period of the year. From raw cookies, winter smoothies, cakes and more, that will give you the taste of this celebration without ending the year feeling tired and heavier.
Culinary delights and open-hearted people are waiting to you. Is time to celebrate, is time to share, and is time to grow.

Learn about traditional Christmas taste in a healthier version!

A complete overview of all our events in 2018 can be found in the Event Brochure.

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance




Enjoy our powerfull events in Germany!

Hello and Namaste!

Our  Sadhana Journey to India is coming soon, and careful preparations are taking place in our Ashram in Sasbachwalden, Germany. The team of Spirit Balance is ready to give their best in this month of reinvention and change.

“Healing is a matter of time but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.”

Several interesting events are taking place. We start strong with“Straightening and Alignment of the Spine through Spiritual Healing” and “Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer”, for those who want to experience not only the power of being healed but also the power of healing others.

And this is not all. Now is time to start planning an amazing way to end the year, so we are delighted to offer one of our most powerful events:


108x Hanuman-Chalisa Mantra on New Year’s Eve

December 30 & December 31

If you are tired of conventional ways to end the year, with parties, excessive consumption of food, presents, alcohol… And you want to take the first step in January with a fresh and renovated energy, this event is for you!

Reciting the Hanuman Chalisa is not just chanting a mantra, it dissolves negative energies and brings tremendous spiritual forces into our souls. We begin the day before with an introductory seminar of Hanuman, in which I will share all the wisdom that I received from my years in India. After it, on the main day, we go ahead with the common recitation of Hanuman Chalisa 108 times with the support of the musicians. It will have a tremendous impact on all of us. After the recitation, we will have an hour of silence to integrate all the mystical energies that we have awakened during the chanting.

End the year with the most renovated energy! 

Get a glimpse about how it sounds (klick on the picture to start the video)


Erection of the spine through spiritual healing

5 October 2018, 11 am, 15 pm or 19 pm

Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer

6 October to 7 October 2018

If you want to get rid of all the old blockages that don’t allow your growth, and have a free flow of energy in your body, alignment is the more successful way to achieve your goals! Through straightening and alignment, you can get rid of the disbalances that you have accumulated in your body.

Give it a try, You will not regret it!

Moreover if you have higher expectations, and you are considering becoming a Spiritual Healer, this is the perfect occasion
In the second Workshop of this week, you will learn how to independently perform powerful spiritual spinal alignments. In a perfect mix between Theory and Practice, you will achieve the ability to work in a way that will enable you to be the most skilled professional in this field!

Go a step further, make the world a better place, became a healer!

A complete overview of all our events in 2018 can be found in the Event Brochure.

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance