Come with me to India or experience real miracles in Sasbachwalden

Hello and Namaste!

As Summer is ending, a period of change is coming. Time to make a review of our last months, time to think what we want in our lives. Coming back to the routine has become a difficult game to play. We need to continue doing things that make our souls vibrate and our spirits grow.

For this reason our team has prepared a selection of the most rewarding activities for you. From our “Monthly full moon meditation”, keep on with  “Straightening and Alignment of the Spine through Spiritual Healing” and “ Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer” for the bravest. But that’s not all: You will be delighted to know that we still have some spots free to our Sadhana Journey to South India. In addiction, if you are a business person, thirsty of inspiration and looking forward to build a network of interesting people, our Workation is exactly what you are looking for.

“There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart.”     
Celia Thaxter




Sadhana Journey to India: Navaratri Festival & Yogini Retreat:

 8th october – 18th october 2018

For those who want to have a mystical experience in real India. For those who want to live the source of spirituality and its healing powers. We have prepared an especial trip to Tiruvannamalai, in South India, to the Festival of the Divine Mother and after it, a Bhairavi Yogini Retreat for women where you can achieve the wisdom that will allow you to awake your real being and your female power.

Get a glimpse of Navaratri Festival 

Here you can find all about our Yogini Retreat 


27th October – 9th November 2018

Are you ready for add a new dimension to your business? We hold the space to grow.
This is an Entrepreneur vacation for those who are always seeking for an inspirational environment to develop their skills.
In a beautiful Resort, surrounded by a wonderful landscape, with all the facilities of western world, from pool to AC. And at the same time, hidden in the heart of South India, where the magic borns. Coworking, workshops, masterminds, yoga, excursions… Everything you need to make another step and become
the successful business person that you have always wanted to be.
Don’t waste your time, learn how to improve your way of work and see the world.

If you want to know more about how our Workation can help you:

Check all the details about India Workation

If you want to secure your place on our trip to India, then you can still be there!
Please contact us soon.

We have a lot of different activities going on in our Ashram in Sasbachwalden, to satisfy your spiritual needs.

Full Moon Meditation (if you are also in germany)

25. September 2018, 19 pm to 21:30 pm

The power of  Full Moon is known all over the world. From ancient times till nowadays, people attributed mystical abilities of connection and deeper understanding to this gift from Mother Nature.
If you are trying to achieve highest states of consciousness, connecting with the astral world, healing yourself, and continue walking through the spiritual path, come with us to our Magic Spot in Sasbachwalden to experience a new way of meditation, to open a gateway between you and your True Self.
It is not necessary to have any experience of meditation, just an open heart, curiosity and a desire to grow. We will help you to fan the flames from your thirsty soul. Don’t hesitate!

Come and enjoy the feeling of connection! 

Straightening and Alignment of the Spine through Spiritual Healing:

5. October 2018, 11 am, 15 pm or 19 pm.

Alignment is an immediately visible and successful spiritual healing! As you probably know, main control center and organ supply depend on the spinal column.  Through straightening and alignment, the disbalances that you have comulated in your body can be healed.,
It works with the power of the universal mind and is an energetic dissolution of mental-spiritual conflicts.
So if you want to get rid of all the old blockages that don’t allow your growth, and have a free flow of energy in your body than come to this powerful and uplifting event.…

Make an appointment, You will not regret it! 

Initiation for Spiritual Alignment Healer

06 October to 07 October 2018

Have you ever thought about becoming an Spiritual Healer? Did you already experience how powerful the Straightening and Alignment is?
Are you looking forward to make the world a better place?
If these questions make you resonate, this seminar is for you. You will learn how to independently perform powerful spiritual spinal alignments. With our teacher Sigmund, in a perfect mix between Theory and Practice, you will achieve the ability to work in a way that will enable you to be the most skilled professional in this field!

Bring a new meaning to your life! 

A complete overview of all our events in 2018 can be found in the Event Brochure.

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance