Siddha Yogini Maya Ma – our visit to her Jeevan Samadhi


Today I would like to tell you again about a very special Siddha. Her name is Maya Ma.

IMG_9599Siddhas are practicing yogis who are well known in India for their extraordinary supernatural powers. These are given to them as a special blessing when they have practiced much spiritual practice and make great progress on their path of liberation. Siddhas can control their body, time, space and the 5 elements. These supernatural forces are not publicly displayed, but are only used when they are really needed.

Due to high spiritual energies and channels, Siddha Yogini Maya Ma reached a remarkable 300 years of age. Their name is an expression of their special abilities. Maya Ma means “the one who saw through the illusion.” It was free of material connections and any attachment to the world. As Mahasiddha, she did not need any physical food to keep herself alive. She fed on the spiritual source herself through the light nourishment process.

Maya Ma generally lived a very secluded life as a female Avadhuta. Sometimes she even lived in the ocean. Due to her spiritual powers she could stay under water for days without any problems. You can imagine that she no longer breathed in the same way as we did, but had highly spiritual approaches that enabled her to do so. She could also walk along the water level of the ocean.


Through her high spiritual realization she could also make the blind see again. Her close student Tata told us that Maya Ma also always had some dogs around her. These faithful animals radiate a natural gratitude. To teach this trait to her students, she always used to have dogs in her environment.

Maya Ma has been in the stage of Jeevan Samadhi since 1992. This special state of consciousness enables Maya Ma to experience herself as one with the divine self. This liberated state of being means that she has not really died, but her soul continues to vibrate in the crown chakra. In most cases of Jeevan Samadhi the body does not disintegrate either.

Yogis and yoginis meditating on Maya Ma’s Jeevan Samadhi can have high spiritual experiences very quickly. If you also feel the longing within you to indulge in real spiritual experiences and feel the special energies of Maya Ma`s Jeevan Samadhi, then come with me to India.

During the upcoming women’s trip to India we will visit this place of power,
the trip will take place from 22.10.2018 – 27.10.2018.

There are still places available for this very special trip, here you can get all information:

Bhairavi Yogini Retreat

Here are some very interesting videos of the Jeevan Samadhi at Maya Mas’s student: Maya Ma Tata Guru, whom we have already met and will meet again on the next trip:

Maya Ma Tata Guru

Just as Maya Ma was a Siddha Yogini, there are other Siddhas in India. There is a master line of 18 Siddhas who lived on this earth a long time ago. They have dissolved the physical body but continue to exist on the subtle level. Only one Master Siddha is born every 3000 years.


There are, of course, many more Siddhas who have not fully attained the power and spirituality of the Masters, but who are also beyond the 5 elements. And they come to Earth more often than every 3000 years.

The names of the 18 master Siddhas from Tamil Nadu are as follows:

Azhuganni Siddhar
Agapai siddhar

Yours Bharati