Our seminar for you: Astral Traveling and Lucid Dreams – Level 2

Hello and Greetings from Sasbachwalden!

Happening next weekend is our “Raw Food Experience and Enjoyment Seminar for Parents and Children”. My family will also be there and take part in this great event…how about you and your’s? Will you join in? And of course, even if you don’t have children, you are warmly welcome to come and participate!

Additionally, we would also like to share with you: 

  • Our seminar “Astral Traveling and Lucid Dreams – Level 2”
  • A brand new “Naad Yoga Workshop”
  • The powerful “Gong Meditation with Nam Hari Singh”
  • and our forthcoming, “Navaratri Journey” and the subsequent “Yogini Journey for Women”, in Tiruvannamalai taking place in October.


Raw Food Experience and Enjoyment Seminar for Parents and Children

August 24th – 26th, 2018

In this joyful and easy-to-use workshop for fathers and mothers with children, you’ll learn how to pamper your entire family with raw delights and make your kids really happy.

A nutritious and healthy quality of food is recognized as being of utmost importance. Because so many people suffer from allergies and diseases, a raw diet and the associated detoxification can often bring healing and even make the conditions impossible for it even to happen in the first place.

You can also protect your children from health problems. Look forward to an interactive seminar full of knowledge, insight, recipes, preparing and eating food together and many tips and tricks for a life in harmony with raw food. One thing is clear, culinary raw food offers so much more than just simply nibbling on a carrot.

(Picture = Rawfood Pizza)

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Astral Travel & Lucid Dreams Level 2

August 29th – September 2nd, 2018

Practice creates masters!
There are still a few places left for this groundbreaking advanced seminar, which takes you to a whole new level of practicing your out-of-body-experience. In addition to learning more exit techniques for out-of-body-experiences, you will gain intensive knowledge about the higher and lower astral planes, powerful mantras for Yoga Nidra and out-of-body-experiences, as well as giving enough space for questions and sharing.

Conscious out-of-body-experiences are not only phenomenal and extraordinary experiences, they are enriching soul-walks which also help you develop your personality. You can look forward to traveling with your soul to high vibrational worlds beyond your imagination. Repeat clients can always participate for only 50% of the price!

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Naad Yoga Workshop with Nam Hari Singh: Yoga of Sound

September 8th, 2018, 13:00 – 17:00

Immerse yourself in the yoga of sound, a wonderful language beyond words that can only be experienced. In this workshop, we use rhythms, sounds, melodies and special musical structures to recognize, express and transform our moods and feelings. Everything is sound. Even our universe was manifested by the vibration of the primordial sound.

The core of Naad Yoga is perceiving our inner communication between mind and soul. These inner sounds are very subtle, yet undoubtedly more existential than our external communication. Come to this very special workshop and become the composer of your life.

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Gong Meditation with Nam Hari Singh

September 8th, 19:00 – 21:30

After the Naad Yoga Workshop, the evening continues with the sound of a Gong Meditation. Experience healing through the sounds of the universe. The gong is one of the strongest shamanic instruments for awareness and purification of pathogenic information from the body cells. The gong puts us in trance states that support us to let go of the old and create a new positive reality. The goal is to restore your original vibrational state so that you experience more joy, relaxation and ease in your life.

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Dark Retreat Group: Out-of-Body Experiences and Spiritual Self-Awareness

September 14th – 23rd, 2018

The long meditation phases in a dark retreat help you to switch to the high-energy astral plane where you can experience very special soul migrations. When the body, far from external stimuli, slides into deep relaxation, out-of-body experiences can be more easily initiated.

Together in the group, you will retreat into the total darkness for 10 days. During this time, you will be accompanied by me and my team on a daily basis and given the best possible care so that you can have spiritual experiences. Including, experiences of the Urtons and the Urlichts, encounters with spirit beings, the deceased, light beings, natural forces, individual experiences and healings of internal blockages become possible.

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Navaratri Journey to South India

October 8th – 18th,  2018

Follow your soul – obtain the blessing of the Divine Mother and experience a unique journey that will transform you. Celebrate the holy festival of Navaratri with us on Arunchala, the sacred mountain in Tiruvannamalai.

As a group, we will use these particularly powerful 9 days and nights to consciously build up high spiritual vibrations with special mantras and energetic processes. The energies of Shakti and all the aspects of the feminine creative power, are especially high at this time.

Properly guided, these energies can lead to deep self-knowledge and healing processes. In addition, special skills, also called Riddhis and Siddhis, are activated very quickly during this particular time. In order to achieve true spiritual development, besides devotion (bhakti), much cosmic power (shakti) is needed. This special trip is therefore particularly suitable for those who want strong and special soul experiences.

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Yogini Bhairavi Retreat in India – exclusively for women

October 22nd – 27th, 2018

Following the Navaratri Festival, and supported with the presence of the Divine Mother’s power, I will immerse myself together with a select group of interested women into the very secret wisdom of feminine spirituality practiced by the Bhairavi Matas of India.

Bhairavi Matas are the wise women of India (Yoginis) who have a profound knowledge of the secrets of feminine spirituality. The spirituality of women is fundamentally different from that of men. Due to years of oppression towards women, this knowledge is barely alive today and therefore it is even more important to preserve and apply it. When a woman comes into her full spiritual power, she is a great healer for this planet.

This retreat will give us the sacred space and the necessary calm to go deep into these special energy secrets. In addition to working intensively with powerful mantras and yantras, it is planned that the women’s group will come into contact with true yoginis and receive intensive spiritual initiations from me.

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India Workation

October 27th – November 9th, 2018

Sun, pool, relaxation and business – all-in-one. During this enriching netrepreneurs work vacation, you’ll spend 2 weeks with other digital entrepreneurs in a beautiful sunny resort in South India, get motivated and inspired for your (online-) business. Coworking, workshops, masterminds, yoga, excursions and a wide range of exotic fruits and traditional Indian food are all waiting for you.

In addition to the workshops, Martin will show you his personal favorite places and special places of power in Tiruvannamalai. For those who wish to bring their family along on this special journey, we have deliberately offered a very low price for this work vacation.

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See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance