The oppression of women is known worldwide, unfortunately. All over the world there is incredible oppression against the female energy, against the female power.

Why is that so?

Africa, Pakistan and India are examples:

In some very few villages girls are still regarded as less valuable, not equivalent, unfortunately even as ballast. This goes so far that some women even abort their babies – illegally, of course – when they find out that they are a girl. In Pakistan and India, for example, it is forbidden for doctors to reveal the sex of the unborn baby during an ultrasound examination.

Nevertheless, some doctors betray the sex and secretly perform abortions. In extremely rare cases, even alive babies are killed – that’s incredible. However, it must be said that this happens rarely and in very few places in Africa, Pakistan, India and other countries – this is very important to emphasise.

Unfortunately, these bad habits are also common in many other countries – it is hardly bearable if it touches you closely – It is something just cruel and heart-cold.

Awareness and indignation

Gradually, the majority of people are developing an awareness of this injustice, and they are waking up. There is a very, very big movement in progress and this is exactly what the world needs, this real indignation – so that finally a change can happen.

These issues of oppression and violence not only happen in other, distant countries but also here in the West. We have so many cases of bad oppression and domestic violence. Unfortunately, we need refuges in Germany – so-called women’s shelters.

I read some time ago that in Germany one out of every third woman has experienced sexual assaults and one out of every two has even experienced violence in her family. These are incredible numbers!

What’s going on, what’s going wrong?

Women – the stronger sex

I believe that men – not all men, but many – unconsciously have a great fear of the female power and the female creation. Women are hardly the weaker sex. It is the opposite.

a6a2babc63abe76e5b54640ee255dc3fWe are a very strong gender, because we create. Indian spirituality says we have an extra chakra, the called creation chakra. With this chakra we create babies not only on a physical level – but also energetically.

In India, for example, they have the belief that a woman who practices certain mantras and moves on different spiritual paths absorbs up to twelve times more energy than a man. That’s really quite a lot.

But then how is it that only a few women use their energy to create powerfully and consciously? And how is possible that exist so much violence and oppression against women even in a country like Germany and in other European countries?

Women also still earn less than their male counterparts in comparable positions, so we have a duty to express ourselves and to be heard for equality. We no longer live in past centuries, we live in a time in which we should assume that these topics are healed in themselves.

In my experience, these oppressions that we have experienced in our generation – but also our mothers and grandmothers – are stored energetically in our cells.

For this reason when we are working on awakening our inner power, it is very important to work on the ancestral line as well.

Healing of oppression – individually and collectively

Much of my healing work comes down to this.

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Especially the theme of awakening the inner power and building spiritual energy as a woman  which is really a very, very powerful and very wonderful subject.

I’ve been working more and more intensively with this topic in order to stimulate healing and consciousness. Some seminars and group appointments are exclusively for women to really work on these points, to bring them to light, to heal and also to discover the secret knowledge hidden, which was not suppreseed without reason – namely as “The knowledge of the holy women”, the Women who can really build up so much spiritual energy that they develop enormous wonderful and heart-healing powers and energy of transformation.

Thank God not all witches could be burned, thank God not all knowledge could be suppressed…. Now is the time to come into our power, into our female, positive vibrations – and the men into their male, positive power – without violence, without manipulation.

The fear of magic and witches

On the subject of witches:

I know there’s black energy, too. Therefore, I am sure that fear of the magical worlds, of spiritual worlds, can be partly justified. Because there are people, even in India and especially in India, but also here in Europe, who consciously apply this black energy: so-called Aghoris. Of course it is important to have respect for this kind of magic and simply to pay attention to which way you are going.

My path is only and exclusively the white, positive power.

I understand that sometimes fear of spiritual energies exists. Many people put spiritual abilities at the same level of black magic and shy away from it, as the Church suggests. Unfortunately, the church has not only burned the black witches, but also – and I am quite sure of this – many white witches. And probably very often on purpose.

I hope that here, nowadays,  healing will finally happen and women will be able to come into their total power, into their creative power. And at the same time,no longer men will have to demonstrate their power by exploiting women, using them or seeing them as objects.

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Om Shanti.

Yours Bharati