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Very special sadhana trip for women only

Hello and Namasté!

very special sadhana trip for women only will take place for the first time in Tiruvannamalai from the 22nd to 27th of October.

During this week, you will be introduced to the great secrets of feminine spirituality as practiced by the Bhairavi Matas (Yoginis) of India. Discover your deep female power and experience very intense energetic and mantra processes. More information about this powerful Yogini Bhairavi Retreat can be found here.

If you want to join this special trip/retreat you’ll find here all informations

Grow Together

Permaculture Course with Practical Examples

July 13th  – 15th, 2018

Learn with us from permaculture expert, Ronny Müller, how to consciously create a natural paradise in your garden or on your balcony with a sustainable growing cycle that will provide you with an incredible amount of fresh food. Learn how to use existing resources such as old bricks, clay pots, ponds and garden waste to create something new. At this exciting seminar, you’ll gain valuable practical experience while gaining deep knowledge about permaculture.

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Universal Wisdom Seminar, Parts 1 and 2

Part 1: July 19th – 20th, 2018 / Part 2: July 21st  – 22nd, 2018

Everything you need to access the Akashic Record is already within you. In this very special seminar by Stefan Berns, learn from this morphogenetic field to read information from the past, present and future, to perform family constellations, to purify the aura and to receive remedies from parallel universes.

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Searching for solutions to your problems? From July 17th to August 14th, Stefan Berns will be available again for personal Reincarnation and Regression Sessions, as well as Universal Wisdom Readings. 

Take this wonderful opportunity to free yourself from suffering and make a transformation.

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A complete overview of all our events in 2018 can be found in the Event Brochure.

Come with Us to India…..

Information about the Intensive Sadhana Trip to Navaratri in India can be found here.

Dates: October 8th – 18th,  2018

See you soon and lightest, warmest regards

Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance