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Darkness retreat counselor training in November – applications welcome

Hi there,


there are some people interested in the darkness retreat counselor training.

Therefore we are still offering Phase 1 training this year! There are still free places for truly motivated participants.

The first weekend seminar is:

  • 23. – 25.11.2018

Would you like to join us to devote yourself to this wonderful task and be trained as a qualified darkness retreat counselor?

The goal of the extensive darkness retreat training is to give you all the deep knowledge and skills you need to independently perform darkness retreats to the highest quality standards. The teaching of psychological basics and spiritual knowledge is the focus of this very special training.

The complete dark retreat counselor training is divided into 3 phases.
Each of these phases includes several instructive webinars and 41 hours of intensive theory with us in the “Source of Power -Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram”.

Insights into Phase 1 of the training:

  • Historic background of Darkness Therapy
  • Physical/biochemical processes
  • Client care around the clock
  • Therapeutic consultation
  • Client experiences and possible reactions to Darkness Therapy
  • Basics of psychology
  • Basics of raw nutrition
  • Preparation of Darkness Retreat facilities
  • General organisation (registration and payment processing, introductory conversation, client support)

Many people are drawn to the darkness retreat to finally take some undisturbed time for themselves. For a darkness retreat is probably the most powerful way of retreat to surrender to one’s own spiritual and material development. The experiences in the darkness retreat are very individual. Many participants report on deepened perceptions, observation of mental processes, clear flashes of insight, transformation of inner blockages and deep healing processes, experience of the primordial tone and primordial light, encounters with the deceased, figures of light and forces of nature, heart-opening experiences of unity, experiences of reincarnation, feeling of a second body: the plasma body, and many other wonderful experiences.

Expert and attentive care is of the utmost importance during such intensive darkness retreats. Because often the high quality of the support by the darkness retreat supervisor leads to the fact that the participant can successfully live through his personal darkness retreat. That’s what we’re empowering you for.

If your heart calls you now and you are interested in the training, simply contact us at or request a callback via this contact form.

Luminous greetings,
Bharati with the team of Spiritbalance