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Hanuman 4 (1)

Hanuman Chalisa Event in July 2018

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WinAuraStar 7 – The innovative Upgrade with video function is here

This Aura camera Upgrade is for those who are already using a WinAuraStar version or who wish to purchase this innovative system. WinAuraStar 7 now has a video feature that displays the client’s Aura in real time directly from the laptop. Any color changes of the Aura will also be shown in real time.

See more about it in these videos:

>>> Video 1 (german) 

>>> Video 2 (german)

Do you want to know more about the auraphotography?

Here you find all informations


Hanuman Chalisa

July 27th – 28th, 2018

Singing and listening to the Hanuman Chalisa charges our souls with tremendous spiritual energy, so much that our inner light begins radiating more and more. During this powerful energetic process, we activate courage, strength and devotion within us and highly spiritual and soul healing experiences become possible. Also within the silence that follows the recitation of the Hanuman Chalisa, Hanuman appears to some of the participants in visions and dreams.

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In our Event Brochure and at our website you can find a complete overview of all our events in 2018.

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Our next events in Germany

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Shining and light-filled Spring greetings from Sasbachwalden!

Are you looking for an intense retreat?

Darkness takes you completely away from everyday life and provides a deep space to retreat and turn inwards. 

For whom is a Darkness Retreat suitable?
There are no real conditions that might prevent someone from doing a Darkness Retreat, nor are there any special conditions that we require. However, good physical and psychological shape is necessary in order to process all inner and outer experiences in the best way possible.

There are no standardised methods for Darkness Retreats. The path through darkness is highly individual and road maps leading through the night do not exist. You will realise that darkness itself is ‘the technique’. It is your teacher, leading the way towards healing. Being in darkness itself is ‘the way’.

We offer individual retreats with qualified counseling and accompaniment. In the next time, there are still a couple of free places available. Please contact us here and we will check to see if there are still free places during the dates you wish to come.

All informations about darkness retreats here

And here you find all informations about our new book 
Darkness Retreat – An Exciting Journey to the Source of Being
With 30 personal accounts from participants over the past 5 years


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Intensive Aura Analysis Seminar by Bharati

June 29 – July 1, 2018
aad9036ce1cacd61ba41a18a7fa6e9bdThe AURA-IMAGING-SYSTEM, also called Aura camera, makes the subtle system of the human visible in color through an aura photo. We explain to you what the different colors and shapes of the aura say about the body, mind and soul of a human being. In this exciting seminar, you will learn how to work effectively with the Aura camera as a helpful tool for diagnosis and therapy support. We provide a complete basic knowledge about Aura counseling and more. You can look forward to receiving extensive knowledge about the aura and chakras.
>>> I’ll definitely be there

5aa326cb3c3603d2514fe99ca74b0136Angelic Quantum Spirals from and with Maria

August 3 – 5, 2018
The groundbreaking method that positively changes your life in seconds. The Angelic Quantum Spirals method teaches you to work with the angelic spirals from all angelic choirs and archangels who are carriers of high-frequency information. You can immediately calm people in need and so on. Learn from Mary Zapiti how to work effectively with high-frequency angelic energies and how to successfully dissolve the negative vibrations in the form of negativity and destructive thought.
>>> Get in contact with Angelic energies
You can also find a complete overview of all events happening in 2018 in our event brochure and in our online calendar

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An experience from Claudia Valdeón….

I still remember the face of my mum when I told her: “Mum, I’m going to India”, is impossible to forget the way she stared at me and said, “You are crazy if you think I’m going to allow you to go alone to that country.” And I replayed, “But mum, I’m not going alone.” And I smiled at her. Here is where my adventure began, or maybe we can go back a little bit more…


I was traveling through Europe using Workaway when I luckily landed in Bharati’s Ashram, in Sasbachwalden, after a really bad experience in another place. For me it was like a dream, amazing people, high quality food, my work was appreciated… And I established a deep connexion with Bharati, but especially with her little son, Gabriel Shiva.

I was hearing India’s call in my heart for a long time, but as a woman travelling alone, I didn’t know what to think about it, because people love to speak too much about this controversial territory, sometimes good, sometimes bad, and I was feeling not secure enough to make the big step.

So I was delighted of being close to Bharati to ask her all my India’s questions. She was more than an expert after living there many years, she really knew all the faces that India has. After more than one interrogation, she tough me the first lesson I needed to learn. “India is like a mirror, whatever you have inside, it will give you back.”

One of my last days in Sasbachwalden, Bharati asked me for a private talk. When we sit down on her place, she started, “I want to offer you something, but of course you can answer whatever you feel.” In this moment I was afraid, but she continued, “Do you want to come to India with us?”. First I tried to find the words inside my throat, but I couldn’t, and then I just said, “Yes, YES, YES, YEEEEEEEES.” We laughed together, and we spoke more about details.


After this powerful notice, the rest of the days in the Ashram went fast. When December arrived, I packed my stuff, I said Continue reading