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Our next events in Germany

Hello and Namasté,

Today we’d like to invite you once more to come and join us at the fair:

“Balance – Health and Quality of Life” Fair and Exhibition in Offenburg-Ortenau March 17th – 18th, 2018 
Our Darkness Retreat Info Stand and Darkness Trial Tent will be open from 10 am to 6 pm.
Come and listen to my talks that I’ll be giving everyday at 5 pm (in German) and where you can ask questions (also in English).
On Saturday, I’ll be speaking about how to transform deep fear and trauma in a Darkness Retreat and on Sunday, about spiritual experiences in the dark. We still have a few free tickets for the fair and will give them to the first people who contact us at:

We speak English and would be happy to speak and give you information at our info stand.
Address for the fair and more information

Get to Know and Understand Yourself Better

Universal Wisdom Seminar Part 1 and 2 
1st part: March 22nd – 23rd, 2018
2nd part: March 24th – 25th, 2018

Early Bird Discount! 20% discount if you book before March 1st, 2018.
Learn to read information from the morphogenetic field about the past, present and future, conduct family constellations and receive healing remedies from parallel universes. From aura cleansing techniques to breaking curses and restoring your natural state of well-being.

More informations

ENNEAGRAMM, Our Nine Faces

April 7th – 8th, 2018

Self-awareness seminar with Peter W. Köhne.
The Enneagram refers to nine different personality types and explains their relationship to one another. In this seminar we become conscious of our true self, gain new perspectives and insights about ourselves and receive practical solutions to personal challenges and blockages.

More informations here, sorry just in german


Discount for Darkness Retreat until February 30th

Darkness Retreats are a wonderful way to experience complete relaxation. Far away from any external distractions, you are able to take time just for yourself to experience deep inner healing and have high spiritual experiences. As a last minute sign-up, will receive a one-time discount of 15% off of your total cost (valid in February). 

Learn more about Darkness Retreats 

How important is it for us to slow down and take time off? The German public-service television broadcaster, ZDF, produced an interesting documentary titled “Just Rest! – Rediscovering Slowness”. Definitely worth watching.
Watch the video here (in German, just use youtube subtitles) 

PS: See everything close-up!
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See you soon!

Sending you lightful greetings from Tiruvannamalai,

Bharati and Martin and the Spiritbalance Team

Stefan Quelle der Kraft 16.01.2017 (1)

Universal Wisdom Reading Sessions and more

Hello and Namasté!

Are you focusing more on problems or initiating conscious solutions?

For us, we are definitely focusing on solutions!
Stefan Berns is coming back to Sasbachwalden for more Universal Wisdom sharing and readings!

In his Universal Wisdom Seminar, Part 1 and 2, you can become a qualified healer.

Universal Wisdom: Reading – Seminar (Part 1)
22.03. – 23.03.

An in-depth, quality seminar for healers and those who would like to become one. You will learn how to tap into the Akashic Records, read  and transmit relevant information. Experiencing how your inner potential unfolds and how you can help people with systemic constellations.


Universal Wisdom: Healing – Seminar (Part 2)
24.03. – 25.03.

This exciting seminar builds on the “Universal Wisdom Reading Seminar Part 1”. You will learn to awaken your self-healing powers, receive effective remedies from parallel universes, purify the aura, open the third eye, resolve situations and relationships, restore the subtle primordial matrix, heal over long distances, recognize and release curses and transmit harmonious healing fields without touch.

More informations

In March, you can still book an appointment with Stefan Berns for his very popular Reincarnation and Regression sessions. Continue reading