Hanuman Chalisa Livestream on Sunday 31.12.



Are you coming spontaneously to the Hanuman Chalisa? Tomorrow evening (30.12) at 7 pm we start with the introductory seminar about Hanuman. And on Sunday the 31.12. from 10 o’clock in the morning we recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times in Sasbachwalden Germany.

Just call us if you want to be there spontaneously: +49 7841-8392411

Everything worth knowing about Hanuman Chalisa and the text can be found here (german, you can translate with google translator)

There will also be a full-day livestream on facebook and youtube from 10am on the 31st. So if you can not be there, you can still be there live. Either via my profile or live here via our Youtube channel
It is best to subscribe to us, so you will receive a notification as soon as we go live.

We are glad, if you leave us a small donation for the livestream, more information here too.

Anyone who wants an energy transfer, has until tomorrow the opportunity to send us a photo. Again, we ask for a small donation. We like to put your picture on our Hanuman altar during the Chalisa. So you get healing and strong transformation energy! Info here
(We can not display photos that arrive on December 31st.)

We wish you a wonderful Hanuman Chalisa!

Jay Hanuman!

Best regards

Bharati & Martin
with the Spiritbalance-Team