Harmonium Workshop with a closing Mantra Concert

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For all Sadhakas, Heart People and Music Lovers out there, we have some very special offerings featured in our current newsletter, just for you!

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For the first time ever, on the 11th November from 10 am to 5 pm, Source of Power – Spiritbalance Ashram will host a Harmonium Workshop with a closing Mantra Concert.


For many practitioners, playing the harmonium to accompany their daily spiritual practice is a deep, wonderful and soul-touching enrichment. Using the melodic sound of the harmonium for kirtans, mantras, invocations and prayers, opens the heart chakra, as well as our devotion and the flow of love.  Discover this for yourself by learning the basics of the harmonium, the magical interplay of your voice with the instrument, the art of playing and simple musical accompaniments for mantras.


Provisional Last Training for Dark Retreat Facilitation 

Begins January 12th, 2018

We are still accepting applications for Dark Retreat Training at info@spiritbalance.net

Since Martin and I will be travelling a lot in the future, this upcoming training to become a Dark Retreat Facilitator, will most likely be one of the last.  The complete Dark Retreat Facilitator Training is divided into three intensive phases that successively build upon each other.  After the successful completion of Phase 2, you will have the necessary knowledge to supervise and conduct independent Dark Retreats.

Additionally, we are continually looking for practical support and facilitation for our Dark Retreats in Sasbachwalden.  If you are interested, you can also join our team and work as a trained facilitator.

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In the meantime, we’re continuing to host and direct many Dark Retreats in the well-appointed guestrooms at our large seminar house in Sasbachwalden.

Yeah!!!! In just a few days, our first Dark Retreat book, with 30 fascinating, first-hand, true accounts, will arrive.  The book will soon be available in English. And of course, we’ll announce this as well!  

If you yourself want to experience the transforming, healing and strong spiritual powers of a Dark Retreat, you can still join the Intensive Mantra Meditation Group Dark Retreat.

This energetically guided Dark Retreat will take place from December 4th – 14th, in Sasbachwalden.

This Dark Retreat is especially for Sadhakas who have been practicing spiritual disciplines, and will be particularly interesting to work together in a group to activate and build up high spiritual energies, using special mantras and process.

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November Highlights

Intensive Sadhana Tour to South India:

Group Dark Retreat:

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