Hello and Greetings from Mother India!

Hello and Greetings from Mother India!

Finally we feel holy ground under our feet!  We arrived safely in India and send you warm greetings from the land of yogis, fully alive spirituality, mantras and power objects.  I can already feel the spiritual vibrations buzzing!  The next possibility to travel with Martin and me to South India will be for Shivaratri, February 7th – 18th, 2018.

Yes, I would like to deepen my spiritual practice in India.


At our Ashram in Germany, Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram, we also teach and pass on authentic Vedic knowledge, healing techniques and spiritual training.

Here are our current Event Highlights:

  • 05.10. > Full Moon Meditation
  • 06.10. > Raw Gourmet Food Meeting in Sasbachwalden
  • 10.10 – 11.10. > Reading Sessions: Universal Wisdom
  • 12.10 – 13.10. > Seminar: Universal Wisdom Part 1 (Reading)
  • 14.10 – 15.10. > Seminar: Universal Wisdom Part 2 (Healing)
  • 16.10 – 06.11. > Reading Sessions: Universal Wisdom
  • 21.10. > Gong Meditation
  • 26.10. – 27.10. > Spinal Alignment Therapist Training: Introduction of Energetic Alignment.
  • 28.10. > Alignment of the Spine Spiritual Healing

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Group Events – Dark Retreats:


Dark Retreat Facilitator Training

January 12 – 14, 2018

Take part in this very special training and send in your application now.

In this intensive training, you will learn how to offer people a protected environment and give qualified support for profound spiritual experiences, liberation through awareness processes and deep healing.   Throughout the training, you will benefit from Martin’s extensive background in psychology, my long-standing research of spiritual development, energetic process and expertise in Dark Retreat facilitation.  As a Dark Retreat Facilitator, you can facilitate Dark Retreats with us in Sasbachwalden and after completion of the entire training course, there is the possibility to lead and facilitate Dark Retreats everywhere in the world, either independently and/or with our team.

Send your application for training to:  info@spiritbalance.net

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Universal Wisdom: Reading Sessions with Stefan Berns

October 16  – 22, 2017

Let’s be honest, what are you focusing on?  Problems or solutions?

Universal Wisdom Readings are ideal for anyone looking for answers and support.  By tapping into the Akashic Records, it’s possible to obtain information of all kinds for every sphere of life.  Scientists speak of so-called morphogenetic fields.  These fields contain complete information about past, present and future, including all dimensions.  These fields are also widely known as the Akashic Records.

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Universal Wisdom: Reading  Seminar (Part 1)

October 12 – 13, 2017

An in-depth, high quality seminar for healers or for those who wish to become one.  This seminar is about accessing, downloading and interpreting relevant information from the morphic field and your own Akashic records.  Experience how to unfold your inner potential and learn how to help people through systemic constellations.

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Universal Wisdom: Healing Seminar (Part 2)

October 14 -15, 2017

Wow, let’s keep going and dive in deeper!  This exciting seminar is based on the “Universal Wisdom Reading Seminar Part 1”.  Here, we really give it our all.  Awaken self-healing powers, receive effective remedies from parallel universes, purify the aura, open the third eye, let go of attachments and obsessions, reconnect to the subtle realms of the primordial matrix, heal over long-distance, recognize and release curses, transmit harmonizing healing energy without direct contact.

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Sending you all our best,

Bharati and the Spiritbalance Team