An Invitation for the Dark Retreat Facilitator Training

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having the capacity to hold space and give qualified support for people to have real spiritual experiences, deep healing processes, life changing transformations and the highest soul experience is an extremely fulfilling and enriching pursuit. And we’re here to make it possible!

Become a Dark Retreat Facilitator

Beginning with Phase 1: Basic Training

January 12th – 14th, 2018

Martin, as part of his psychology studies, focused on these exact topics and brings in-depth teaching knowledge and wisdom.  He offers a valuable and goal-oriented addition to the energetic and spiritual experience, and one that is particularly exciting to incorporate in this training.

The complete Dark Retreat Facilitator Training is divided into three intensive, successive phases.  After the successful completion of Phase 2, you will have the necessary knowledge to carry out and facilitate Dark Retreats on your own.  As a trained facilitator, you can also facilitate Dark Retreats with us in Sasbachwalden.

Phase 1: Educational content of training

  • Historic background of Darkness Therapy
  • Physical/biochemical processes
  • Client care around the clock
  • Therapeutic consultation
  • Client experiences and possible reactions to Darkness Therapy
  • Basics of psychology
  • Basics of raw nutrition
  • Preparation of Darkness Retreat facilities
  • General organisation (registration and payment processing, introductory conversation, client support)

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Phase 2: Educational content of training

  • Reflecting on your work as a Darkness Retreat Counsellor
  • Exchanging experiences with other trainees
  • Deepening your knowledge about spiritual experiences during Darkness Retreats
  • Information about different forms of psychological therapy (For example: Exposure Therapy, Person-centered Therapy according to Rogers)
  • Basic knowledge of mantras
  • Techniques for discharging negative energy (for clients and counsellors)
  • Internship on-site upon consultation, including at least 3 clients (minimum of 25 hours of Darkness Retreat supervision)
  • Attending a seminar about astral travel
  • Personal Darkness retreat of 14+ days

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Phase 3: Educational content of training

  • Knowledge of Sacred Alchemy
  • Working with power objects in Darkness Retreats
  • Special energy techniques for resolving blockages and karma
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Intensive training and self-reflection with Martin and Bharati about your own personal development, together with other trainees
  • Silent Retreat for at least 10 days

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When your heart is calling, I’m extremely happy to be able to offer you the training and support to realize your own potential and successful development of becoming a Dark Retreat Facilitator.

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