Dive into the spirituality of India on our unique Navaratri journey

14494722_10211024264949307_7868714395549344756_nOur travel plans for 2017 are running at full blast.  How about you…will you be there with us? This special tour connects us to both Shakti (energy) and Bhakti (devotion).

During Navaratri, the period from the September 20 – 30th , 2017, when the cooler days are gradually returning in Germany, we will be traveling as a group to comforting and warm Tiruvannamalai, South India.  Celebrate together with us, this 9-day festival honoring all aspects of the Divine Mother.  Throughout the 9 days and nights, our group will be using the especially powerful collective energy to consciously build up high spiritual vibrations with special mantras and energy processes.  Shakti, the feminine and creative energy, is particularly high at this time.  With proper guidance, this energy leads us to deep self-knowledge, healing processes and states of enlightenment.

Also during this time, super-natural forces known as “Siddhis” are activated very quickly.  Throughout this tour, the Sadhana will focus upon the activation of the three basic Siddhis:

  • Tri Kala Jnatvam: Knowledge about past, present and future.
  • Advandvam: Enduring heat, cold and other opposites.
  • Paracitta Adi Abhijnata: Knowledge about the spirit of others.


Any questions? On Thursday, August 3rd from 8 to 9 pm (CEST) a telephone conference call will be held to present and discuss the Navaratri trip.

The dial-up number and a link to information about the trip here . You will also need the
PIN: 959595


Speaking of high spiritual energies…When many people join in for meditation, enormous powerful energies build up that go far beyond the power of an individual.  We wholeheartedly invite you to join this phenomenal group experience with our Hanuman Chalisa on Saturday, July 8th.  Through the recitation of the Chalisa, the divine, healing, and protective energies of Hanuman are activated within you.

On the night before at 7 pm, we will give you an introductory seminar on the knowledge of Hanuman.  Come over and join us to enter into this high spiritual dimension.
More information at http://hanumanchalisa.de/

If you’re unable make it to Sasbachwalden, you can still participate in the Hanuman Chalisa by live-stream on a donation basis.  Here is the link to the Livestream.

To receive a special blessing by a direct transfer of spiritual energy, send us a picture of yourself or your loved one along with a small and gratefully appreciated contribution of 19 euros to:  http://www.hanumanchalisa.de/anmeldung/energieuebertragung/



Kelly-singing-600x400-300x200Lastly, we have something very special for you. Through our personal contacts, we were able to book Kelly Bryson, the world-famous best-selling author and psychotherapist, to come to Sasbachwalden from July 20th to 22nd.  As an authorized trainer for Nonviolent Communication, he helps participants in his seminars to develop the necessary self-confidence to trust themselves and enter into authentic and truthful dialogue with others.  The seminar will teach powerful techniques that enable successful, interconnected cooperation.

More information can be found at: www.spiritbalance.de/event/sei-nicht-nett-sei-echt-intensives-selbsterfahrungssseminar/


We look forward to seeing you!

With warmest regards,

Bharati, Martin and the Spiritbalance team


P.S.  Sunday July 23rd is “OPEN HOUSE” at Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram. We’ve created a wonderful and varied program for our guests, as well as for our little guests.

Detailed information at http://www.spiritbalance.de/event/tag-der-offenen-tuer/


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