Hanuman Chalisa

Hanuman Chalisa this weekend – watch it live or come to Sasbachwalden



We are delighted to invite you to a very special event at Source of Power – Spirit Balance Sadhana Ashram. On Saturday, July 8th, we will use our amazing group energy and all together, recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times.

We joyfully invite you to this extraordinary powerful recitation! Through singing and making music together, we’ll connect with these high vibrational energies that create a space to make deep and unique experiences possible. Additionally, on the night before (July 7th starting at 7 pm), we will hold an introductory seminar where I will share my extensive knowledge and experience with you, and for us to begin attuning and aligning ourselves with the special Hanuman energy.

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, sometimes in melody and sometimes a simple tempo, we will continuously recite the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times. The entire recitation will take up to 10 hours. Wow!

For the Hanuman alter, those of you who would like to bring flowers are most welcome. 🙂


You can find the full text of the Hanuman Chalisa here:
http: //hanumanchalisa.de/text/
and as the Chalisa is most often recited in melody, you can listen and watch several videos on our Youtube channel:

For those who are unable to join us onsite in Sasbachwalden, we invite you to attend via Livestream, it’s very easy. On July 8th at approximately 10 am, click on this link and you will arrive! https://livestream.com/accounts/11326099/hanumanchalisa

There is so much power building up and with just as much high energy happening, if you join and experience it through live streaming you will be feeling it very quickly while reciting.
The next day, Sunday July 9th, will be the most powerful full moon of the year – known and traditionally celebrated in India as Guru Purnima. You are also invited to this beautiful event: http://spiritbalance.de/event/vollmondmeditation-guru-purnima/

If you prefer to be right here with us for this very special celebration, that’s great!! Right up until the day before, we will be accepting registration. Follow this link to the best and most practical way to register: http://hanumanchalisa.de/anmeldung/ or write us an email: info@spiritbalance.de

Quelle der Kraft – Spirit Balance Sadhana Ashram
Schönbüchstr. 24
77887 Sasbachwalden

We have plenty of space in our ashram – even to accommodate 108 participants – the sacred number that brings a lot of Shakti! So please join us and invite your friends too. We look forward to welcoming you!

And please share the LIVESTREAM link with friends or watch together – this is a real celebration on every level!

See you soon and sending you sunny summer greetings,

Bharati & Martin
with the Spirit Balance Team