Dark Retreat – Healing group in Germany

Hello and Namasté,

Sending you our best wishes from Sasbachwalden, in the beautiful Black Forest!

The year 2017 will bring many valuable experiences. With renewed strength and enthusiasm we´ve contrived all kinds of treasures for you.

For February and March we´re planning something very special for you. For the very first time we´re going to conduct a dark retreat – healing group in our new seminar house in Sasbachwalden.

Through our Source of Power – Spiritbalance Sadhana Ashram we created a high swinging space, which offers you the ideal framework conditions for your inner process and the related healing. Here you´ll be shielded from the stress and strains of everyday life and you´ll   experience the appropriate atmosphere, to open your heart, to let yourself in for the group process and to start the journey into yourself.

The dark retreat paves your way to multiple true spiritual experiences in a completely natural way. If you´re willing to perceive the radiant light of your soul, to open the doors to a spiritual dimension and to free yourself from emotional baggage, then please sign up directly for our:

Dark retreat healing group

From 27th February –  8th March 2017

in Sasbachwalden


cross light in the darkness in your handsSource: © Romolo Tavani / fotolia.com

The experiences during the dark retreat are as individual and diverse as life itself.

Everyone takes their own personal gifts along from this time. Please click here to watch Nam Hari´s Video, in which he shares his personal dark retreat experiences.

Healing group in the dark retreat

Energy gets generated wherever many people are gathered together.

This is the gift from the group, which you can use for your deep transformation experience and your highly spiritual processes.

Another great advantage of the healing group is that you´ll get the chance to recognize your own inner concerns through the other participants. According to the cosmic law: “As within, so without”, the group reflects each other.

Your willingness to introspect and self-reflect provided, this will give you an enormous potential to grow.

The darkness is a great supportive teacher, which helps us to avert our gaze from the external stimuli and directs our attention inwards in order to tune into ourselves. Due to our changed perspective, our personal development will get stimulated. During the dark retreat, serious emotions such as grief, anxiety, or any kind of inner blockades, which escape our perception of our daily consciousness because they are hidden in our subconscious, but still want to be worked on, have the possibility to come to the surface, being reflected and released in love. That way you´ll achieve inner peace with your personal past and yourself.

The variety of methods which we use during the group retreat facilitates to open every participants´ heart, to create an open channel for the deeply transforming energy to flow to the receiver. Through talks we´ll meet from heart to heart at soul level.

Upon longtime dark retreat experience, my husband Martin and I will accompany and support you caringly on this powerful journey to yourself and sustain you through the whole process.

For further information regarding our healing group please click here.

We hope we could give you a taste on what to expect from the dark retreat. Here you can find and download our free eBook, if you like to read up more on this topic.

Should you have any enquiries, require further information or if there´s anything else we can do for you, please feel free to get in touch with us. You have the possibility to use our registration form. Apart from that we are of course also available for a talk on the phone
+49 7841-8392417

We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Be blessed and warm regards, Bharati and Martin

with the whole Spiritbalance-Team