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The blessings of an activated Murti


I always get remarks and interesting questions from you about Murtis and Pujas, so I am glad to take the time to take a closer look at this mysterious topic.
A Murti is a spiritual statue, such as Shiva, Durga, or Hanuman, which you can worship on your altar. And the puja is the process of worship itself, in which the various spiritual energies and transcendental personalities offer various fragrant things. It is a spiritual ritual, which is widespread in India and is carried out daily.
Do you think a Murti is just a simple statue or is there more hiding behind it? If you buy a Murti somewhere, it is most likely not activated and just a shape made of wood, marble or various metal alloys. A beautiful spiritual form or statue of a great saint, but not yet much more. With certain mantras, energies and rituals, you can draw life into the Murti and activate it. The highest spiritual truth is all-powerful and not limited, so it can reside in its eternal spiritual kingdom and at the same time enter into a statue that you have placed on your altar to worship. Many yogis, high spirits and saints also have special yogas (spiritual powers) that allow them to sit in a statue, stay there for a while to give you blessings and energy transmissions, and leave them again. Such spiritual blessings are very valuable as they not only accelerate your spiritual progress, but can also express healing energies and transformation for you.


In fact, there is a lot more in a Murti than you would expect, and if you have ever had contact with an activated Murti and are a little sensitive, you have already experienced the strong vibrations that come from it and fill the room. That is why Murtis are highly venerable. You can worship your Murti with a puja, this is a kind of worship, or you can also meditate. Thereby you put even more energy into the Murti. You make a puja by lighting an incense stick and circulating the statue three times, clockwise.
Furthermore, you can offer various scented things, such as flowers, camphor, fruits or savory vegetarian dishes.

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From the ancient Vedic scriptures, we know that every spiritual personality has its own preferences. So you can delight Radharani, the companion of Sri Krishna, especially with the Champa flower. Hanuman loves fresh fruits or Laddus, these are small dough balls of chickpea flour. The Murti receives the Prana, from the sacrificed things, and the love which we flow into our worship. Then she blesses our flowers and food and you can call that Prasadam. Prasadam is something very very powerful. In the ancient Indian tradition, it is well known that someone who takes food daily in the form of Prasadam is gradually being cleansed of the negative reactions of previous acts, cleansing their consciousness and making rapid progress on their spiritual path. This is the spiritual mercy which the Murti,lets flow to you, through the Prasadam. Because it’s worth considering in the future to take only Prasadam, right? Especially when you consider that there are yogis in India, which feed exclusively on Prasadam, which they get from different temples.

There are also divine Murtis which no longer need Pran Pratistha (Activation) because they are filled with life from the beginning. Like the great Bihariji Murti in Vrindavan, North India. This is a statue that no one has carved or built. Bihariji is the union of female and male divine energy in their transcendental, pure and eternal love to each other. Many years ago, in the sacred Nidhivan forest this special Murti from the spiritual world, manifested itself on earth. There are also such great miracles because there are no limits to the highest spiritual energies.

But this is not the only place where there is such a special sight to visit. If you have the opportunity to travel to South India, I recommend you visit the Hanuman Temple in Hampi. For there, too, you can admire such a self-created statue, and experience the high-spirited energies that go forth from her. Or just come on one of our spiritual Sadhana trips to India, where we visit such special places of power.
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I wish you many beautiful and inspiring moments in your Murti worship.

Yours Bharati