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Have you ever heard of the aura that surrounds you?

Hello and Namasté,

Have you ever heard of the aura that surrounds you?
As a soul, you are not just surrounded by the visible physical body.
Just like everyone else, you still have 4 more ethereal shells. All human beings consist of 5 bodies. In the ancient Vedic tradition these are called Pancha Koshas. The second ethereal layer, which directly encloses the physical body and penetrates it, is called Pranamaya Kosha. This shell forms our aura, our energy body.

Energiebild Aura Körper ChakraJust as individual as we are, the color of each aura is just as different. It provides information about our predispositions, character qualities and the spiritual development of a person. In the aura you can see how much you use your abilities and live to your potential.
Surprisingly, even clear conclusions can be drawn about someone’s state of health.
For example, a red aura stands for people who are very active, have a great creative drive and always want to get started quickly when there is something to be done.
The color pink in the energy body expresses your open heart and makes you realize that in your life you have already achieved a certain degree of unselfish love.

Perhaps it will surprise you to hear that the aura can also be photographed with special cameras. I have a good aura camera with the latest measuring technology. The camera is based on the biofeedback system. I can measure the low-frequency energies in your palm. This vibration then makes the image of your energy body visible.

I can take an aura photo and analyze your energy body for you in your individual consultation.
The aura consultation is definitely a wonderful tool to get to know yourself better and to work consciously and clearly on your own topics in order to transform your aura.

Website aurakamera.de (german language, please usw google translator f.e.)

On request, I would gladly travel to you, as well as on-site, for groups and aura seminars, when you don’t have the opportunity to come to Sasbachwalden.

Since I had a spiritual Kundalini experience 16 years ago, I can see parts of people’s aura, even without a camera. I am very grateful for this gift. It makes it easier for me to deal with people. It was important to me that others could do it. That is why I have studied this topic in depth. I am glad to let you know that you can also learn to see the aura.

There are so-called aura glasses that activate the 3rd eye. With them, you can practice and achieve some good results after a relatively short amount of time.

Do you already know my course about learning to see the aura? It is available in my shop as a DVD. This course is very comprehensive and additional knowledge can be gained. (Just german)

I wish you lots of joy in exploring your aura!
Yours Bharati